Unified and ready to go...

Anthem bundles Glide's key services into a proven CMS designed to propel publishing businesses forwards. Easy to use, Workflow driven, with multi-site support. Glide's Professional Services team can handle setup, integrations, migrations, deployments, customisations, and training. No development team needed.

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Anthem drives content faster 

Glide's deep publishing experience bundled in one ready-to-go Content Management System to handle every aspect of digital publishing: creation, production, SEO, launch, and image management.  Used by major publishers, Anthem gives back time to create and focus on new products.

Anthem: Proven in publishing, for you or for teams

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Key features out of the box


+ Full media management 

+ Major platform integrations 

+ Enforced workflows 

+ SEO best practices 

+ Granular permissions & roles 

+ Multisite support 

+ User notifications 

+ Page previews 

+ Legal queueing 

+ Article locking  

+ Front-end management  

+ Page setup  

+ Ad networks & data layers  

+ Timed publishing control  

+ URL management  

+ Taxonomy and tagging  

+ Powerful search  

+ Analytics dashboard


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Manage images

Don’t waste time creating and importing multiple image types and formats: import the original and Anthem crops to suit.
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Enforce workflows

Set the publishing workflow you want, and keep control. For Editors, Admins, and Developers, Anthem gives peace of mind.
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Apply SEO

Take the guesswork out of SEO and set strict rules the system will build on, for every article every time - automatically.