Build ideas

Published: 06 October 2021

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Build. Test. Launch. Fast!
New products, new launches, new channels - all key to growing your audiences and reach. We’ve seen last-gen CMS skewer ideas before they get off the ground: it’s hard to innovate if it can take years to productionise a test project on a clunky legacy system. It doesn’t have to be this way and GPP removes these roadblocks.
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Validate the idea and the plan
When your platform is conceived and created to allow new ideas and integrations to be easily built on top, you can focus on what you want without stressing over back-end systems and downstream tech. Use real-world content and data to assess real-world results without risk, safe in the knowledge Glide handles full production workloads too.
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Start-up agility, enterprise power
Glide is a product team’s dream scenario of a speedy toolset - with test environments as standard! - that has all the power and reach of a full production system. Which means your POC and MVP test results are repeatable in the real world, you can get content and commercial teams to buy-in earlier, and cost and risk is much reduced.