Glide isn't faceless. It's built by publishing experts working with writers and creators every day. So it brims with genius to save you time to do more of what matters - making brilliant content.
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Glide Publishing Platform for Editorial Teams

Glide soothes the needless pain most generic CMS inflict on professional content teams, and gives you a powerful toolset built with the challenges of newsrooms and production in mind.

Create more content, and get better control of how it looks and where it goes. Help craft and create new subscription strategies quickly with better control over what people see. What’s not to love? 

Glide gives content teams fingertip control of sites and channels to craft content and appearance without needing dev or releases. Workflows and tools make your life easier to get on with making things people crave.

  • A platform designed in collaboration with editors and writers
  • Make ‘Breaking News’ site changes and teardowns without technical input
  • Slash time-to-site for new content and new sections so you can do more
  • Production tasks safely separated from content creation, with tight workflows and permissions control
  • Granular control of premium content helps target users better and tailor to your most loyal
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Build audiences

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A true Publishing toolset
Writers and editors love Glide - you helped us make it! Be as quick as the news cycle using a toolset no generic CMS can ever give you. Which means less workarounds, less stress, and happier people. We believe a proper publishing platform puts making content at its heart, and getting it to audiences at its soul. So that’s what we give you: a platform for content people.
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Trying new things is easier with GPP
Glide is all about cutting unnecessary work from content creation, so you get back lots of wasted time to spend it making better content and trying new things. That means less repetition, better automation, smoother workflows, and production hassles gone. Glide liberates time across teams to help improve quality and output.
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Publish quicker with greater control
With Glide you can focus on what your audience wants: the unique voice and insight which draws them to you. Make more of what they love, and try new subscription or publishing strategies without endless dev conversations. Glide can liberate hours per day for each editorial user - time to do more and better things. And reaching new channels? As easy as API.


The system for every publisher team

Glide finally gives the different teams in publishing and content businesses equal power to do more with less. SaaS power and agility means that, unlike old-style CMS, every user wins. Editors, developers, product teams and marketeers rejoice!

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Forget endless CMS rebuilds, bespoking, and maintenance. Put your energy and budget where it brings returns. Free up personnel and let the service handle your headaches.

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Supercharge your new product development. GPP flexibility means POCs are quick to make and MVPs can move to full production with ease. Boutique speed meets enterprise power.

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Content needs the best tools to get the best results - so use the same tools as major publishers to own your audience data and voice. Stop speaking to the void, start owning the conversation.