Don’t marketing teams deserve publisher-spec CMS too? We think so. Glide finally gives you enterprise tools to engage audiences and grab control of the conversation.

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Glide Publishing Platform for Marketing Teams

Just like any large-scale content business, sales and marketing teams need to turn their content into measurable results. This means turning content into interest, interest into prospects, and prospects into customers and fans.

Good content is the lifeblood of your campaigns and initiatives. Don’t hobble it by sending it to self-serving platforms or trusting others to know how to carry your message at arms length.

With Glide you gain control of where it goes and how it appears, and get ultimate insight into data and feedback: after all, it’s your content, your data, and they’re your customers. So it’s you who should be in control.

  • Get all the power of a full publisher-spec system without any of the spin-up or legacy costs
  • Ready to use, fully scalable to suit the smallest or largest campaigns
  • Bring in agency & data analysis tools easily with little or no effort
  • Your content team’s dream toolset, with publishing best practice and automated SEO
  • Control sites, apps, newsletters, editions, voice and more all from one place!

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Build influence

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Big Publisher influence now in reach
GPP has transformed tech for publishers with a SaaS replacement for the kind of complex customised CMS which only the biggest newspapers could once afford. Cloud native means it’s accessible for a fraction of the cost of old publisher-focused systems. So... what are you waiting for? It’s time to recalibrate your thinking and bring yourself better results.
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A full end-to-end platform
Glide is not just for making and storing content: it can help you nail every step of a content play including front-end, hosting, media & assets, and even content permissions and registration. If your devs or agency need publisher-level control, Glide has you covered. Build on it without burning money modifying a back-end or ever being on outdated tech.
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Take control of the conversation
Being there for your customers and audience is about knowing what they want, and being able to respond rapidly. Managing comms means managing content and Glide gives you better control of the conversation. Vitally, it means you get all the crucial insight into what your audience responds to by using the data tools you want. It’s a perfect scenario.


The system for every publisher team

Glide finally gives the different teams in publishing and content businesses equal power to do more with less. SaaS power and agility means that, unlike old-style CMS, every user wins. Editors, developers, product teams and marketeers rejoice!

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A CMS-busting cloud platform for editors and creators to do more. Cuts tasks and duplication and gives fingertip control over where content goes and how it looks. Less production, more creation.

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Forget endless CMS rebuilds, bespoking, and maintenance. Put your energy and budget where it brings returns. Free up personnel and let the service handle your headaches.

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Supercharge your new product development. GPP flexibility means POCs are quick to make and MVPs can move to full production with ease. Boutique speed meets enterprise power.