Content Aware media news: July 21, 2022

Published: 22 July 2022

Subscriber habits, A.I. rules, and PM plans - all in this week's Content Aware media highlights.

Subscriber habits mapped
Press Gazette and Chartbeat spill the beans on what subscribers get up to, where free readers fit in, and what signs indicate willingness to pay.

Vexatious suits SLAPPed
The legal lever being pulled hardest by those with the most to hide is soon to be made harder to cower behind and easier to defend by those shedding light on dark corners.

A.I. legislation plans rapped
Open-ended nature of plans to lay out "who polices A.I." could mean that in the end no-one really does, say experts in the field.

PM hopefuls' online plans recapped
The controversial UK Online Safety Bill might be delayed, but will resume progress soon. What do UK PM candidates Sunak and Truss say about it? GPP's sage of pages Rob Corbidge has dug into the Bill and takes a look at what the pair say and what surprises might await them. Dear Rishi/Liz: See our last newsletter item.

"Hola! y bienvenidos a la familia GPP", to an icon of publishing
We usually shy off talking about ourselves, but there is never a bad time to make a warm welcome.

Better curation and notifications slash cancellations
WNIP sits down with Twipe to get some hard facts about keeping hold of subscribers.

FIPP report highlights power of newsletters
Emailed content is only going to grow says global body report, with more star names finding their work being sent direct rather than published in the usual places.
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Shortlist for the best in UK online publishing revealed
Awards season is not just a time to buff up and get glamorous on free champagne - it's also when you get to see who's setting the standards in the industry.

No Facebook, no comment
How an Italian newspaper turned off Facebook and reader discussion - and what happened next.

Eh... two Facebook?
A new secondary tab appears on FB user screens, as it starts trying to be a curator of content and things of interest. Sounds much like being a publisher to us, however Facebook has repeatedly said that's much too hard for it to do and monitor, so this mustn't be it.

Thanks to all for the tips and recommendations!