Content Aware weekly update: February 24th 2022

Published: 24 February 2022

PPA Decodes Build or Buy

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GPP on TV (kind of...), Nick Clegg's hands on the levers, and internet cats. Welcome to another week of media matters with GPP's Content Aware weekly newsletter. 

Elsewhere, we've added some of the eye-catching things we've been reading this week, because they touched on subjects close to our hearts, or because they were just great things to read.


Glide took part in an interesting and timely debate over the best approach to technology problems for publishers, in the first of the PPAs Decodes series which helps the industry to stay on top of the latest digital thinking from experts in their field.

GPP's Denis Haman joined New Statesman Media Group's Sanjay Ravindran, City AM's Miriam Keck, and David Hayter of the Stylist Group, with consultant and media guru Martin Ashplant holding the reins at the PPA  HQ in London, all introduced by PPA CEO Sajeeda Merali.

The freewheeling and enlightening discussion focused on the options to buy technology expertise, or build it. With the current crunch on development resources worldwide, it seemed perfectly timed to explore the options. 

Further Decode events will look at other aspects of publishing technology discussion, including data technology, paid or organic search and more. If you are a PPA member we highly recommend the warm atmosphere and insight at the events, which you can also catch up with on online. 

Highlights of the Build or Buy session can be seen here , with more video due soon.

The dangers of 'safety'

It is feared the Online Safety Bill may do our democratic media more harm than good. GPP's Rob Corbidge analyses the draft bill, and the future of Nick Clegg, in this piece here:

What we all owe Big Tech

Publishers are largely correct in the their criticism of Big Tech right? Hmm. Simon Owen reminds us what we should be grateful for in this:

Commercial gain

Shopify have carved themselves a significant niche - here's what they did and maybe what they need to do:

Trickle-down effect? 

More content deals announced by Meta (aka Facebook) with UK local publishers:

Levelling up

The EU will attempt to level the data playing field for smaller companies with a new law:

Reality Distortion Field

Did you know Steve Jobs had a power beyond the realms of science to explain? Bill Gates claimed to be immune to it - as a "minor wizard".

Reel them in?

Facebook (aka Meta) launched TikTok rival Reels globally this week, betting big on the ballooning popularity of short-form video and its appeal to younger audiences. It is possible to monetise them with adverts (stickers and banners) and SEO Journal has some useful insight here:

Looking forward

From the End of Passwords to Synthetic Data to train AIs, the big brains at MIT Technology Review have identified 10 key Breakthrough Technologies worth keeping an eye on:

Cats on a fence

We feel that we'd be going against the true purpose of the internet if didn't feature at least some cats from time to time. Here's a great story from the development of Windows 8: