Content Aware weekly update: July 7, 2022

Published: 08 July 2022

Newsrooms in a frenzy, journos in Twitterland, and why Spain loves apartments  - all in this week's Content Aware media highlights.

BoJo goes and newsrooms turn into madhouses. Or do they? Corbidge comments on what newsrooms train for and what Big News Days mean to us all.

SEO experts at war
Allegations of fake press releases, duped webmasters, and Google being played like a fiddle. A fascinating tale of how Government sites started plugging Italian price comparison portals.
An SEO tale of Six Acts

New EU Big Tech rules: what does it mean?
Digital rights group Access Now summarises the EU's forthcoming Digital Services Act in clear no-hype language.
Read about it here.

A US view
The Electronic Frontier Foundation - which studies tech platform powers closer than most - gives much of the new EU act a thumbs up, but it's not without criticism.
Summary press release.

But publishers are less convinced
Too much power in too few hands is a legitimate industry fear - something they already struggle against from the advertising side. It's worrying publishers even more that tech firms could soon call the shots on actual content too.
Press Gazette asked the questions.

What next for UK's Online Safety Bill?
The controversial bill which many claim will curb free speech faces uncertainty after some of its ministerial backers quit their roles in the UK's current political bunfight. A welcome spanner in the gears as summer recess looms?

Journalists use Twitter considerably more than readers
Does a tree without a Twitter account make any noise when it falls? Twitter might be where journalists hang out but it's not where the reading public spends much of its time.
Pew Research stats

WAN-IFRA award winners
Some of the best in European media celebrated at the 15th WAN-IFRA European Digital Media Awards:

Why Spain lives vertically
Brilliant use of graphics and information to tell a story of why Spain likes apartments more than houses. A WAN-IFRA award winner.

Deadass cryptoqueen beshorted pseudothumbs
No, not a new David Lynch movie plot - they are all words recently used for the first time in its history by the New York Times, according to the 'first said' Twitter bot. And yes, it does pick up typos - the shame! Dare we all subject our titles to such scrutiny?

Thanks to all for the tips and recommendations!