Content Aware weekly update: June 23rd, 2022

Published: 24 June 2022

Glide is available via the AWS Marketplace

GPP on AWS Marketplace, editorial CMS training, and common publisher SEO mistakes - all in this week's Content Aware media highlights.

Canada demands voice for domestic creatives on content platforms
Parliament's lower house approves a discoverability mandate for Canadian-created content on streaming and audio platforms, including YouTube and TikTok, to surface more local talent to audiences in the country.

German cartel office investigating Apple's new transparency framework
Keen minds will recollect our thoughts in September 2020 that rulemakers might turn their investigatory noses to Apple's moves to restrict data that flows to ad firms - given that it has its own fast-growing ad business. And so it comes to pass.

"Add Glide to cart" as GPP hits AWS Marketplace
You can now get Glide via the world's biggest AWS software store, the official AWS Marketplace.

Common SEO mistakes big publishers make, by the man who helps fix them
SEO wizard Barry Adams kicks off a good Twitter thread by listing out some of the classic errors publishers make.

Hyphen dashes underscore in best URL break battle
Hyphens are better at separating URL text, says Google's chief of making websites more crawlable. Fortunately there's no need to go back over all your old URLs if you were on the underscore train, but hyphens are easier to work with from a search engine perspective.

Editorial get left behind on CMS training... why, asks our man Rob
Leaving editorial users to learn their CMS from faded sheets of A4 instructions from three years ago can't cut it any more, says GPP's content guru Corbidge.

Facebook's TikTok move could end news payments
Plans to "do a TikTok" and cram feeds with random recommended videos could see Facebook turn its back on news - and scrap any publisher payment agreements.

Google News redesign, and the return of news in Spain
After eight years in the cold, Spanish publishers are back in the search platform's Google News showcase - which now has a major redesign to boot.

Ever get the feeling Google Search results are worsening?
You're not the only one. This interesting read from The Atlantic sheds light on why.

UK comms regulator and why she touches Twitter only with a bargepole
Interview with Melanie Dawes, who as CEO of Ofcom will attempt to bring tech and social platforms into line under proposals in the UK's new Online Safety Bill - one of many moving in a similar direction.

Thanks to all for the tips and recommendations!