Content Aware weekly update: June 30th, 2022

Published: 01 July 2022

AI images of journalism and readers

A.I. magazine covers, an electric chimp, and Twitter goes long - all in this week's Content Aware media highlights.

"These images were created by AI." Cosmo goes digital by design
As AI images leap forward in quality, Cosmopolitan describes how it turned its front cover over to a truly digital designer for its latest issue.

Results may vary...
Try a fun mini version of the AI system here for yourself. We tried some and, you can see the oddball results above. Can you guess what their creation texts were? Err... neither can we anymore.

Wikipedia on tap
Wikimedia Enterprise lets you use Wikipedia data to underpin projects and for commercial ends.

Corbidge on... MPs investigation of the sustainability of local journalism
UK legislators delve into the critical matter of local news and its current and future prospects in a world dominated by tech and social media. Our man spies from the shadows with his pointed pen.

Missed our FIPP Congress presentation? Get the meat of it here:
A great summary of the GPP/Daily Mail presentation here, by Digital Content Next's Peter Houston.

A tale of healthy growth
A good read charting the rise of a biotech publication, from proverbial kitchen table beginnings to market leader.

Steps to innovate in the newsroom
INMA continues its drive to assist newsrooms and publishers rethink the ways they can grow in the future: US news expert Gabriel Sama is grilled.

The thumbs ups and downs of publishing on YouTube
How does an electrified chimp hold a YouTube record for news publishers?

Google Search info might be only 53.92% of the story
Putting your faith in Google Search Console information may leave you distinctly short of all the facts.

No name, no pack drill
It's less about the personal brand for the young, as anonymity becomes the new hot thing.

Twitter news not involving Elon Musk!
Yes, there is some. Tweets might soon be 2500-word epics. (Insert obligatory "Speak to us if your CMS will throw a conniption if you try and send this sort of stuff to the blue bird" comment here.).

Thanks to all for the tips and recommendations!