Content Aware weekly update: June 9th, 2022

Published: 10 June 2022

Google content licensing cash reaches the independents in Australia; how fake news reaches 80% of the UK, and Apple's proposed goodbye to passwords.

Small is also beautiful
Twenty-four small-to-mid Australian publishers have now negotiated their share of Google content licensing cash through the Australia News Media Bargaining Code, demonstrating, it seems, that the money isn't only for the big media companies.

Fake news reaches "80% of UK online"
The single most powerful counter to the spread of misinformation online is a strong media sector that values accuracy and places its reputation on that.

Apple - the long goodbye to passwords
As the weakest link in the security chain, moving away from passwords is clearly the way ahead. Apple has indicated a safer, hardware-based "PassKey" is on its horizon.

If it's in your name...
You might be surprised to hear that Amber Heard was not the author of the piece that saw her end up in a US defamation trial with Johnny Depp: the American Civil Liberties Union was. It made no difference.

India proposes content moderation appeals system
World-first proposal would see panels empowered with the ability to veto decisions made by Tech Giants.

Speaking as the New York Times
The NYT has global ambitions. Ambitions it is at least partially meeting, if the audience data from Europe is accurate. What then of the curious tradition of the Editorial Board? Where does such a voice with a US-centric worldview sit in those ambitions?

LinkedIn under scrutiny
Yet another platform has its advertising metrics questioned.

Only one port in a storm
EU efforts to standardise mobile phone charging cables around USB-C look set to force Apple to change its phone range to incorporate the requirement. They do have a "nuclear option" though.

Is the internet "living in the past"?
An interesting exercise in how we think about the medium that carries our messages.

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