Content Aware weekly update: May 26th, 2022

Published: 27 May 2022

Google facing breakup if senators get their way

Google and Apple in lawmakers' sights, and GPP goes multilingual... all in this week's Content Aware media highlights and musings.

"Google breakup" planned by senators
The raft of US legislative bodies scrutinising Google's ad business is coalescing in the Senate as a proposal which would break up the entity into smaller parts.

EU looks to force Apple to allow competitor access
The draft EU Digital Markets Act text explicitly targets 'gatekeeper' rules by tech firms.

React to core
The ever-vigilant SEO community have noticed distortions in the Google search space-time continuum for the last few days, and it's now confirmed that a core update is in progress. Google's helpful-as-a-parachute-in-a-blizzard advice remains that if you see your traffic devastated, it might not be your fault. That's ok then.

Microsoft outlines plans to rival Google/Meta in ads
Not exactly an upstart market entrant, but surely competition has to be good.

Come see us in Portugal
Are you signed up for the return of the FIPP World Congress? We are. Come and say hello - in Portuguese!

GPP habla muchos idiomas
GPP goes multilingual, pour les écrivains et les utilisateurs en Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and yes.,.. Portuguese. Speak to us for more info, or spricht mit Ihrem GPP-Ansprechpartner. 谢谢你!

Reader revenue models analysed
Subscriptions can be expensive. However experimentation with different models is yielding some useful results across the globe.

Corbidge comments... on the BBC's shadow on other media
Like it or not, the BBC can squash other things without even noticing.

"It was an accident!" #1
Did your ad click costs rise by 300% recently? Oops we didn't mean it, says Google.

"It was an accident!" #2
This is why you have safe editorial workflows. And use lorum ipsum.

"Hay there! I'm not able to reply."
Is it a tourism ad? Yes. Is it silly? Yes. Is it just a good excuse for a pun? Neigh!

Ads vs subs... why not both?
Another reasoned look at some of the wider options in reader payments and revenue streams.