Glide embarks upon migration to AWS Graviton-powered instances

Published: 27 October 2022

AWS Graviton3 is the latest hardware from the firm to power EC2 instances

Greener, cleaner, better performance, and cheaper to run - Glide gives customers the full benefit of the most advanced EC2 instances yet made.

Glide Publishing Platform (GPP), the headless CMS SaaS for publishers, is transitioning all its Amazon EC2 workloads to Graviton-powered instances, unlocking significant cost savings and performance increases for every customer.

The move means GPP users will get the benefit of AWS's Graviton2 and Graviton3 processors - bespoke 64-bit Arm-based server chips and technology which power EC2, the flexible computing power which sits at the heart of GPP's scalable and flexible service.

Graviton hardware reduces energy consumption by up to 60% in like-for-like usage against comparable EC2 instances, leading directly to reduced costs for users and a reduced carbon footprint.

Graviton hardware also delivers significantly improved performance for the same cost as before, ensuring users benefit from reduced costs, or can achieve flat costs for major performance increases as their businesses grow.

Nedim Dedic, Glide Chief Technology Officer, said: "As a SaaS we strive to ensure our customers are always receiving the best technology and optimisations possible, and this move to all-Graviton workloads is just another example of that.

"We want our customers to know we seek improvements and savings across the board on their behalf, just as they would for themselves - but without them needing to lift a finger. This is the latest example of that, and I look forward to some other exciting announcements in the near future where GPP users will see the benefit of major new advances in cloud technology and how we leverage AWS."