Glide Publishing Platform joins IPTC

Published: 04 November 2021

Logos of the IPTC International Press Telecommunications Council and of GPP Glide Publishing Platform 2021

Glide is proud to announce it has joined the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), the global standards body of news media, as a voting member.

The IPTC is a multinational group of media and media-related organisations and associations, which agree and set the standards and formats for many of the fundamentals which keep the web and digital communications working, to promote better standardisation and interoperability of systems. 

It is probably best known for its work in standardising image and video metadata, allowing the industry to make huge leaps managing digital asset libraries, and for photographers to earn from their work. It also sets standards throughout the entire content chain, including news exchange formats, news markup, rights, taxonomies, and categorisation.

Glide Chief Technical Officer Nedim Dedic said: "IPTC is central to a number of varied global initiatives which, at their core, seek to improve how the web works. In just the last few months the IPTC has been leading the charge to fight fake news and online disinformation, to help improve web usability for users with visual impairments, and to make images easier to use for software developers.

"At Glide we know that correct and meaningful news and image categorisation is one of the most challenging elements of content management for any publisher, and IPTC is the byword for the right way to do it. We look forward to bringing to the table our perspective on behalf of newsrooms and technologists when new standards are under discussion, and I'm excited to see what new insight we can help deliver and working with members like Adobe, the BBC, Getty, PA, and others."

Read more about the work of IPTC by visiting its site .