Glide Publishing Platform now available via AWS Marketplace

Published: 24 June 2022

Glide is available via the AWS Marketplace

The world's largest AWS software store now allows self-service buyers to access GPP.

LONDON, UK - June 24, 2022 - Glide Publishing Platform, a leader in the provision of cloud-based Software as a Service CMS, today announces its cutting edge service for publishers is available via the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace is the curated digital catalogue for buyers to discover and procure third-party software directly from their AWS accounts. Using AWS Marketplace can significantly decrease procurement cost and timescales.

The availability of GPP on AWS Marketplace makes it easier for AWS customers to purchase and deploy via their existing AWS account, with the benefit of inclusion in any AWS Enterprise Discount Plans for which they are qualified. 

Glide Publishing Platform leverages AWS to ensure incredible robustness and scalability for customers and is designed to help content businesses to maximise content quality and production efficiency, and get it to audiences with greater effect.

"Glide Publishing Platform has reinvented how publishers can leverage a CMS so that it becomes a key technological lever to help drive growth and success," said Glide CEO Denis Haman.

"GPP being available now on AWS Marketplace just highlights our commitment to give customers the control and speed they need in today's publishing environment - the ability to access software via AWS Marketplace is shown to speed up procurement and deployment times and hand another advantage to AWS customers.

"This is another step in our long partnership with AWS, first in the Amazon Partner Network (APN) and as Advanced Technology Partner, then in the ISV Accelerate programme. Deepening our ties and becoming part of the AWS Marketplace is the natural next step and gives our customers even more peace of mind as well as speeding access to GPP to new customers."

About Glide Publishing Platform

Glide is a headless CMS SaaS which electrifies the management of content and editorial workflows for publishing businesses. You can focus more than ever on the content which your audiences love, and forget about being slowed or financially drained by CMS woes.

You can use Glide to transform your content operations in consumer, news, or B2B and data-driven sectors, under ad-funded, free-to-air, or subscription models. Glide is flexible because it puts the content first and is built for today's publishing realities.

The ethos which drives GPP is to remove the need for customers to ever spend time and resources on managing, developing, and maintaining back-end Content Management Systems. What was a costly requirement among traditional old-style CMS is removed by Glide.

Developers configure Glide to achieve in minutes or hours the things that have taken weeks or months to build bespoke, and able to see its effect on the front-end without requiring a release, all safe in the knowledge the system cannot be made unsupportable.

Fast, powerful, scalable, and robust are the core tenets which make Glide relied upon to deliver, at a cost which defies expectation.

Learn more about Glide at or via the AWS Marketplace