Glide Verify launches to help subscription managers and publisher revenue teams

Published: 05 March 2021

Setting up subscriber deals is easier with Glide Publishing Platform and its new Verify service

Glide Publishing Platform's new Verify service simplifies the management and delivery of new subscriber packages and content bundles for audiences.

Glide Publishing Platform is pleased to announce the launch of its latest new service, Glide Verify, which gives subscription managers and content revenue teams a leap forward in managing premium content.

The new optional service lets GPP users easily create pre-packaged bundles of content within the platform to meet the entitlements of any subscriber group or outlet, and allow new content deals and bundles to be configured quickly. User management and entitlements checks are still taken care of by paywalls.

Glide Verify highlights

  • Server-side entitlements check
  • Works in conjunction with your IDAM, entitlements, and paywall service providers
  • Configured and launched from within the standard GPP user interface - manage content bundles in one place
  • Granular control of entitled content, to individual taxonomy or article type
  • Easy presets for teaser content, including headline, article body, preview paragraphs, and other content 
  • Instant launch/expire ability for Access Bundles
  • Add or remove content to bundles without release or developer input
  • Will allow use with Content Tags, Entities, Collection Types, and more

GPP's Rich Fairbairn explained: "Verify is a fantastic addition to the GPP toolset, as it jointly tackles some major technical issues and some real-world human problems at the same time. It is all about giving publishers the ability to get new revenue streams and strategies up and running quickly.

"Anyone who manages multiple subscription content bundles knows it can be an admin nightmare to keep on top of who is seeing what and making new bundles quickly. It's no coincidence the commonest paywall method is the binary in-or-out model - it's the easiest to implement and manage. 

"Verify lets you do the management and crafting of bundles of content in one screen, inside your main content hub, without dev. You can set a persona in your paywall, and then in GPP quickly make a matching Access Bundle to match the needs of your new persona group. You can make them live or expire them as quickly as an article, and it removes a significant development and release requirement. 

"It helps tech teams too. Your paywalls no longer have to filter content, or rely heavily on developers to interpret feeds in code to lock or release content as demanded by the paywall rules. Verify now means content lands pre-filtered, no work needed.

"GPP will perform the entitlements check server-side, so there is no slowdown of content delivery because your partner systems have much less work to do. It's safer too - there is no danger of content being seen that shouldn't, as it never enters the CDN in the first place. It's built to cut back on what you need to do."

For more details on Glide Verify, speak to your GPP rep for details.

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