GPP v14 debuts - plus 10 other releases!

Published: 08 December 2021

Glide Publishing Platform version 14 is the latest in a long line of releases as customer feedback translates to system wide upgrades and improvements.

Improvements to Glide Publishing Platform's image management features, which give editorial users even finer granular control over individual images on articles, form the centrepoint of GPP v14 which released this week. It is the latest in a series of releases since v13's Live Reporting debuted in early September. 

At GPP you know we take customer insight extremely importantly, and in any given release there will be features derived from user requests and suggestions. Thus releases 13.2 to 13.11, which flowed into the platform throughout October and November, included amongst them a host of features and optimisations based on customer feedback which included:

  • Extended multi-account/multi-site support for users
  • Additional author's attributes, e.g. other Titles, other Roles
  • Additional Live Report Post sort options
  • Galley view quicklook on articles
  • Quick-copy of Articles/Collections/Live Reports
  • Improved image data display in search view

Glide CPO Rich Fairbairn said: "Working with customers is one of the best parts of my and the Product Team's jobs, as it gives us the sort of insight and feedback you dream about to make the platform better.

"As we work on some truly mighty new additions to GPP due to debut over the next couple of quarters, it's great to be able to work with users to also eke out the very detailed things that can really make the difference to someone's day in a good way. As always, thanks to every one of our users that helps us make GPP better."

For full details and Release Notes, click to the Glide Support Portal above, and for more details about GPP or a demo of any of the new features click here or speak to your GPP rep.