The Health Lottery subscriptions launches on Glide Publishing Platform

Published: 23 February 2021

A new subscription product by a nationwide UK lottery is being powered by technology from Glide

National UK charitable lottery The Health Lottery has accelerated the growth of its offering to players by building its new subscription product on Glide Publishing Platform.

The new way for Health Lottery players to take part in and enter draws innovatively leverages Glide's power to manage content and subscription offerings. 

It also benefits from GPP's AWS-based power to scale quickly and efficiently, a critical requirement to adapt to the traffic patterns of multiple draw schedules and surges of interest by players.

The combination has allowed The Health Lottery create and launch its new kind of subscriber deal in record time and with reduced cost and lower ongoing overhead. 


The Health Lottery approached Glide's Professional Services (GPS) team, and current integrating partner Forient, with a desire to create and manage new customer offers and deals in an easy and responsive manner, sidestepping the complexity of trying to modify existing connected systems which power the lottery service.

GPP's Rich Fairbairn explained: "It was a really interesting use case because as you can imagine the services and systems which provide the backbone for a nationwide retail and online lottery with millions of players are extraordinarily complex.

"The idea of trying to modify all those interconnected systems so that Health Lottery personnel can quickly manage subscription packages was a non-starter - there are so many moving parts and there would be no central point where deals could be made quickly and administered safely and easily.

"When you manage subscriptions entitlements and packages for audiences you will know how difficult it can be to get a clear overview of what is being offered where. So that became our focus, completely leaving the existing Health Lottery backbone services to manage users, transactions, and so on. This gave us a development model with Forient which significantly cuts down on delivery time and cost, doubly important when it is a charity.

"Obviously, Glide is by its very nature is designed to sit at the centre of paths of content and data, and give users a way of managing any content they want. In this case, the GPS team and Forient realised Glide's Collections feature was ideal to let the Health Lottery team manage their new subscription product just like any other content bundle. And they were more than satisfied that our use of AWS could ensure everything could scale and optimise in the unique way high-traffic lotteries need.

"The end proposal was shown to be easy to manage and a central control for all the new subscription offers on the Health Lottery site, using standard GPP features which means current users can pick it up immediately."

Glide gives content and subscription businesses a way to get new products tested and into production in timeframes that are a fraction of the alternatives. It lets business owners create deals and bundles quickly, while removing layers of development for technology teams.