New collaborative Live Reporting tool primes Glide users for more success

Published: 03 November 2021

Live Reporting and rolling-news style coverage have some of the highest levels of user engagement of all. Now Glide users get a fully-featured Live Reporting feature as standard, adding to their arsenal of tools designed to make content thrive.

GPP Live Reporting allows collaborative reporting of events, with a dynamic single interface for both editors and writers to keep track of posts across a whole team as events unfold and reports start landing.

It lets you easily mix rolling event coverage with other content in Glide and helps promote effortless mixing of audiences, and within minutes have full live Breaking News reports up and running with multiple contributors including wire content and social media.

Glide's CPO Rich Fairbairn said: “As readers we all know the power of breaking news and how live coverage grabs your attention. 

"From a publisher perspective, it's some of the most habit-forming content there is and can really amp up your authority. For sports events, political events, or breaking news, it's the perfect chance to show your credentials as a voice of authority. 

"If you have great sports staff for example, they will have readers turned in for hours at a time around big events, and for rolling news countless users just leave the browser on a page all day.

"Live Reporting CMS typically sit outside the main content systems and have few of the strengths of a headless CMS, leading to difficulties getting content on to sites, or adding a hefty burden to dev teams. This technical hurdle and added expense often pair up to be the major blockers to adopting Live Reporting to organisations, and we set out to remove them, so it's easy to start using, and no extra cost.

“We spoke with numerous editors and content teams who told us what they need, and the new Live Reporting tool features all the decades of insight and wisdom that permeate every other aspect of Glide when it comes to being the best for publishers.

"Like every other aspect of Glide, it is super easy to mix GPP's Live Reporting with other tools, so even organisations with existing systems can look to Glide to provide that crucial bit of engagement in the form of Live Reporting."

To see GPP's Live Reporting in action, contact us for a demo .