Poker.Org plays its cards right with Glide Publishing Platform

Published: 22 September 2023

PokerOrg and Glide Publishing Platform

"The Voice of Poker Players" goes all-in on GPP to power its ambitious growth and expansion plans.

PokerOrg, the independent poker news and comment site, has upped the ante in its sector by choosing Glide to underpin the next phase of its plans with an array of new services and features for audiences and members worldwide.

The agreement gives PokerOrg a full-house of technical capabilities in a single place, making it quicker and less of a gamble to experiment with new product ideas and add new features and capabilities to their site and apps. 

Live Reporting is just one of the standard GPP system features which will form a key part of the improved ways audiences can keep up to speed on what's happening in the world of the pastime they love, as well as coverage of key events and star names from the professional scene.

“PokerOrg has a big vision to be a fresh, innovative site for poker news, content, debate and entertainment”, said Eric Hollreiser, CEO of PokerOrg. “We have been impressed with Glide’s expertise and forward-looking approach to media tech production which matches our ambitions and will help us realise our vision for shaping the way poker players consume the information and news they want."

Glide CEO Denis Haman said: "Poker is one of the fastest-growing games worldwide, either for fun with friends or online and at tables in venues around the world. The growth potential is clear.

"We are super excited to be working with PokerOrg team who are looking to innovate at pace for the truly global and super engaged audience."

About PokerOrg

PokerOrg is a news outlet that brings a social-first, highly visual and player focused approach to live event coverage and poker news, information and entertainment. PokerOrg Instant is PokerOrg’s exciting, innovative concept in media coverage that mixes live reporting with social media best practices to create a compelling new way for poker fans to follow the live event action. 

PokerOrg represents the independent voice and passion of poker players and aims to shape the future of poker by providing an authentic platform for players’ views. The PokerOrg team is made up of dedicated, experienced journalists and industry professionals with extensive industry connections.

The PokerOrg Player Advisory Board comprises a true cross section of some of the game’s most notable players and influencers and represents, and advocates for the interests and experiences of the millions of poker players worldwide.


About Glide Publishing Platform
Glide Publishing Platform is a cloud-native API-driven headless CMS powering leading media and entertainment brands. Its comprehensive set of no-code capabilities speeds innovation and reduces time to market.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS), Glide provides unbeatable scalability and robustness, fully leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Glide platform features a comprehensive array of content tools, such as Live Reporting, Digital Asset Management, and GenAI, all improving content quality and output.

Glide is also available via the AWS Marketplace.