Vercel and Glide Publishing Platform partner to create and deploy sites faster

By: Glide Press Office, 26 October 2023

The new Glide starter app on the Vercel Marketplace lets developers get sites up and running quicker.

A way to launch and manage sites quickly as Vercel and Glide team up to give Vercel users easier access to GPP.

Glide Publishing Platform is pleased to announce the latest partnership aimed at giving our customers the best tools to launch websites and applications quicker and with less hassle.

From today users of Vercel can access the Glide Next.js starter app from the Vercel Template marketplace.

The starter app allows deployment to a Vercel account with a range of powerful and useful features powered by GPP including routing, page rendering, and SEO. 

It cuts significant time and requirement for development resource from the task of launching a site powered by GPP, and delivered by Vercel.

Nedim Dedic, CTO of Glide Publishing Platform, said: “Vercel is the ideal platform for hosting Next-js web applications. It should be – the people behind Vercel created Next.js and have set the standard for utilising the framework.

Glide partners with Vercel to launch starter app in Vercel marketplace

Using the starter app can significantly accelerate your development and deployment rates.

“It is a real time-saver to handle things like server configurations, deployment, scaling, and website performance and the starter app gives Vercel users a very advantageous route to quickly leverage a host of pre-configured GPP components for editorial use cases, such as articles, galleries, image management, files, page structure and templates."

Glide CEO Denis Haman commented: “We have seen customer usage of Vercel bring about some fantastic outcomes in site speed and important factors like Google Core Web Vital scores. They are experienced in working with publishers and other large media businesses, so this partnering will help our customers do more.”

To access the Glide Bootstrap Next.js starter app go to the Vercel Template marketplace.

About Vercel

Vercel is the frontend cloud platform, providing the speed and reliability innovators need to create at the moment of inspiration. By providing the toolkit frontend teams love, Vercel unlocks developer potential and enables you to go from idea to global application in seconds. Vercel enables customers like Under Armour, Nintendo, The Washington Post, and Zapier to build delightful user experiences on the Web.  

About Glide Publishing Platform

Glide is a low-code cloud-native API-driven headless CMS which removes the need for publishers to spend time and budget on publishing technology, to better focus on generating revenue and engagement.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS), Glide provides unbeatable scalability, robustness, and availability, featuring the backup enterprises need such as self-healing infrastructure, alerts, monitoring, and round-the-clock support.

The Glide platform features as standard a vast array of useful newsroom and content tools, such as Live Reporting, Digital Asset Management, and automatic SEO, all improving content output, speeding workflows, and accelerating the pace of new launches and product development. Glide is also available via the AWS Marketplace.