Content Aware media news: April 06, 2023

Published: 11 April 2023

Publisher datasets, SEO for Newsrooms, and the AMERICA Act  - all in April 6 Content Aware media news highlights.

Corbidge comments on... publishers riding the generative wave
From Buzzfeed to Bloomberg, the use of generative AI to create content is going in quite different directions. It seems that the more long-standing and sector expert a publisher is, the more they could benefit.

BuzzFeed Vs Bloomberg, a story of two datasets
BuzzFeed were quick out the publishing gate with generative AI. It's fair to say the results so far are "mixed".

The more you know
Bloomberg has revealed its own BloombergGPT, trained on decades worth of the financial publishing company's data. It is evidently a powerful and useful tool.

Integrating SEO into the Newsroom
Barry Adams is already a star of the SEO pantheon, and this week he's hosting a channel takeover by a couple of stars from his constellation. Here they share clear and concise knowledge based on real newsroom experience. Read Integrating SEO into the Newsroom.

Hint: Ludicrous traffic hose
Talking of SEO, the business of creating daily guides for Wordle to drive site traffic has become a seriously competitive one. It's all about chasing those eyeballs.

Fails and fixes
Swedish publisher NTM should get some credit for their candour in charting the missed opportunities along the path taken in improving their digital offering, as well as credit for acting on such errors.

Ad's AMERICA Act explained
While Google is facing its own destiny in the shape of lawmakers who want to break apart its ad business, an overhaul of the whole ad industry itself is on the way.

Can TPU stop nVidia placing the AI crown on its head?
A war is already raging between those who make the chips AI will be driven by. Nvidia and the markets are seemingly under the impression that its machine learning tech is the best, "Not So Fast," says Google.

Unpopupular Opinon
Even the originator of the pop-up apologised for what he'd let loose on the world. Like them or loathe them, their utility in performing a specific display role can't be denied.

Suggestions for harnessing generative content
Improve. Sales. Media. Three words guaranteed to get the attention of anyone in publishing.,242902

Small world, big appetites
How Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu has accelerated Dusseldorf's rise as Western European centre of East Asian cuisine.