Content Aware media news: April 27, 2023

Published: 28 April 2023

SEORoundtable Google and Bing and revenues

Publishing's true asset, your AI contribution, and Twitter ticks tricks - all in April 27 Content Aware media news highlights.

Value your content! Corbidge comments... on publishing's true asset
As a new wave of techno giants loom into view seemingly set to drive the way the web works for the foreseeable, human writer Corbidge believes the inevitable torrent of low-grade AI-generated dross will only add to the value of what real publishers offer to audiences.

Educating the AIs; find your contribution As publishers and many others prod their lawyers into action over the belief that it is their content which has trained the AIs which are already being valued in the squillions, The Washington Post does a great job unpicking just who has been providing the data that 'trained' the AIs.

New heights for Bing, Google sags
If your perception of Bing was coloured by The Family Guy Bing Car skit, then let the recent results of Google vs Bing reshape your view. The clamour to try its AI surely is playing a part.

Insight into answers less common
Fascinating look at how search engines in China return very different results to those outside China.

Vice TV brings new viewers to thorny issues
Vice set up a channel on streaming service Twitch, where their writers and commentators discuss the news of the day. There's a lot of "Dude!" and "Bro!" but they bring an audience into the news who may not otherwise get many pathways into discussions of some serious matters.

I feel the need for speed
Everyone should be open to feedback, but is this going a bit to too far or just a sign of the times? Maybe it's no different to writers having to write shorter snappier pars for mobile users.

Deploy first, think later
Twitter ticks off the law - deliberate or accidental? Have you still got your tick? Are you part of the off gain, on again crew?

Influencers and publishers - part of the same $500bn game
The creator economy is only going to get bigger - and publishers are a key part of that. The challenge is to get it funnelled back into the industry, not bloating the next tech giants.

Vitruvian AI it is not
Can't keep up with all the new competing models? Here's a handy cheat sheet AI evolutionary diagram. Seems like the hard work now is coming up with a new name for each one.

Internet sleuths discover Bing snoops
Using Bing more because of the AI stuff? Here's a little privacy leak you might not be aware of.

Cascais draws nearer
FIPP Congress draws nearer - as before we will be there! Want to learn how you can make more revenue from publishing and finally get rid of those tedious CMS issues that never seem to go away? Come and say hi.

Inside the clicknado
Interesting take on Buzzfeed's ultimately impossible bargain with Facebook and virability.