Content Aware media news: August 11, 2022

Published: 12 August 2022

Google facing breakup if senators get their way

Google under the hammer, a US Privacy Bureau, and the power of puzzles - all in this week's Content Aware media highlights.

Breaking bad: Trump, Mar-a-Lago, and the FBI
How a local Florida news outlet scooped the world to get America's biggest story of the week.

Dancing to the tune of the BoP
A US Bureau of Privacy seems on its way. If you already have GDPR data probity, you may not have to change much. But as part of the no-nonsense FTC, a hardnosed BoP could get powers to remedy breaches with a ferocity that makes the EU's many Data Protection czars look toothless.

DoJ readies the hammer for Google
Speaking of US legal appetite for a scrap with Big Tech, reports suggest the Department of Justice is due in the next few weeks to make its case against Google and its owners, alleging illegal monopolisation of the online ad market.

Axios "does an Athletic" for $525m
Fast news startup Axios has been gobbled up by one of US media's longest-established family-owned press giants, Cox Media. Launched in just 2017, the short-form news-heavy Axios follows sports publisher The Athletic (bought by the New York Times for similar sums) by turning a VC-backed media venture into a big profit sale in barely 5 years.

Trivia teaser: what was the first ever crossword answer?
The answer, somewhat appositely, is 'sales' - which is what crosswords and other puzzles and games sections help boost for publishers. The question, FYI, was, "What bargain hunters enjoy." (If it had been "Who has great experience with puzzles via CMS?", we also know the answer to that too! Two letters: us.)

EFFing and blinding
Privacy and rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation cuts through the faff and delivers a withering assessment of the current state of the mooted UK Online Safety Bill, currently circulating the corridors of Westminster.

"Just a wafer thin mint, Dear Reader...?"
Gorging of content by new subscribers left German title Zeit seeing massive drop-offs in user engagement just one day after a subscription was purchased. And that's bad for repeat business. Here's how they tackled the issue to boost engagement, subs, and retention.

Support World News Day
A Who's Who of global news organisations is already giving support to World News Day on September 28th, an event to highlight the importance and power of fact-based news reporting. Read more bout it, or show your own support.

How to chase the changing face of ad spend
Ad analysts MediaRadar have dropped a mighty piece of research into changing advertising habits by businesses working with media and publishing companies. As wallets tighten, it's good to know the likely trends.

Thanks to all for the tips and recommendations!