Content Aware media news: August 4, 2022

Published: 04 August 2022

Google Privacy Sandbox timeline

Third Party Cookies, e-scarves, and tech news payments - all in this week's Content Aware media highlights.

Is Topics setting up publishers to lose out?
As 3rd party cookies is lined up for the axe, Google lurches from idea to idea to replace their effect, and the current suggestion of Topics comes with its own downside, says the VP of Product at publishing giant Gannett.

Google 3rd party cookies delay reveals uncertainty
If you think even Google has a firm idea of how the removal of 3rd party cookies is going to pan out, think again. Its extension of its Privacy Sandbox reveals Google has about as much certainty on the outcome as anyone else.

Report on making big tech pay for news
One takeaway: "Media in developing countries have not had a chance to develop online businesses because Facebook came in and took it all before they even got a chance to get there."

Insufficient clapping detected... FFF-ZAAAPP!!!
We're still not totally convinced this isn't an April Fools gag, as football club Manchester City trials data-collecting 'smart scarves' on fans. Do you need to sign a EULA to wear it?

What journalists think about journalism
Interesting view by a journalist of the recent Pew Research Center report into journalist's opinions on their work.

Good advice for writing about a blizzard of numbers
Got an article driven by fleets of stats and numbers and percentages? Here's some advice to help your readers avoid getting flummoxed.

PPA Independent Publisher Awards
The UK body is celebrating great people and publishers in the independent sector for great work over the last year. IF you have been doing great stuff, get it noticed now.

Rwanda New Times triples digital subscriber numbers
Good insight into how Rwanda's only English-language paper gathered a raft of new and younger readers in a push to digital distribution.

Interesting overview on the rise of newsletters
More people are doing them, but does that mean you've missed the boat if you don't have one?

Corbidge comments... is on holiday!
However, don't let that stop you reading more of his thoughts and insights into media.

Thanks to all for the tips and recommendations!