Content Aware media news: December 1, 2022

Published: 02 December 2022

The Online Safety Bill comes under fire

Online Safety Bill fears, team cooperation, and what young audiences pay for - all in this week's Content Aware media news highlights.

Editor puts lawmakers to shame - again
Not for the first time, a balanced and nuanced viewpoint from the press on the not-trivial subject of free speech, while the Government in charge seems blinkered and uninformed as potentially damaging new laws gather pace.

Corbidge comments... on narrowing the gap between Editorial and Technology
The knowledge and understanding gap between those who use a CMS to create content, and those who use it to send content to audiences, can be the deathknell for organisational efficiency and personal happiness. Rob explains how to bridge the gap between teams and and make everything smoother and happier.

No SEO, no entry
Thanks you to all of you who signed up for our SEO Super Clinic with Barry Adams. Spaces are now filled. We will see you on Thursday December 15th at the Amazon HQ!

Shock: AI makers scared of the possible effects of AI
Surely to be filed under the heading of "Didn't you think about this before you made it?"

Self-serve ads the next big thing?
Simon Owens argues that news publishers recoiling from partnership deals with 3rd-party content firms may have missed a trick in how they offer native adverising to customers.

What the kids are prepare to pay for
Deloitte research into the spending and consumption habits of younger audiences - great reading, if not always a great read.

UK lawsuit seeks to place $16.3bn of blame on Google
UK courts aren't quite as used to dealing with class-action-type suits seeking billions in damages as their US cousins might be, so the court clerk who filed this action concerning Google's ad business probably did a serious double-take at the numbers involved.

Microsoft in the sights now too
Do you use Microsoft Teams? The EU has decided to place it under scrutiny for its bundling with other MS Office apps.

From look-at-me to listen-to-me
CEO of podcast platform Acast outlines his belief that audio could be taken over by influencers. We're not sure if it is a prediction or warning.

Disinformation funding from platforms
Google and YouTube chip in a giddy sum to help prevent the spread of disinformation - for which they have often been blamed for precipitating.

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