Content Aware media news: December 15, 2022

Published: 16 December 2022

Presentation on The Current State of Google News SEO, by Barry Adams

SEO insight, more AI writing, and publishers running from being tech companies - all in December 15's Content Aware media news highlights.

Corbidge comments... on ChatGPT and why writers needn't be worried
ChatGPT is wonderful achievement and joins the ranks of publicly available AI applications that give us an idea what it is possible using such systems. However, it's not the end of creators or anything like it.

SEOwing the seeds for Google Search improvements
Thanks to everyone who joined us today at the Amazon HQ in London for the Glide SEO Super Clinic with search guru Barry Adams. Despite the freezing snap and turbulence on the UK railways, it was great to meet all of you who could attend and hopefully found it a useful event with great insight. We will package a video of the event in due course and send it to attendees, and also to all who expressed an interest or were forced to cancel their plans to attend today. Thanks of course to Barry , and AWS for hosting and feeding us all!

"Publishers are content companies, not tech companies" Pt1
Wise words from one who knows the game inside out about why publishers building their own content management systems has become - or should be - a thing of the past.

Publishers aren't tech companies, Pt2
A busy week of reading for tech leadership inside publishing businesses, with Simon Owens revealing he believes his original take on publisher who build their own tech to sell onwards was wrong (and why).

Google needs more control of advertising
Obviously it doesn't, but that doesn't mean they're not going to try - introducing PMax. Shame they can't keep Ad Manager up.

All the bys should get a line?
Quality content is almost always the result of the labour of several people. Should only one of them get the credit?

The Great Migration
We all know lots of people have said they were leaving Twitter for Mastodon. If you didn't ask, they'd tell you anyway. Here's some good data on Mastodon user counts.

Other humans matter
It wasn't until we couldn't have events that we all realised how much we missed them, and how many of us relied on them commercially. Here's to their successful return and what the future holds.

Good luck to the nominees
Tonight is the British Journalism Awards and we'll be there again. Do come and say hello, and good luck to everyone up for a gong!