Content Aware media news: December 22, 2022

Published: 22 December 2022

Google adds new parameters to website ratings for search results

EEAT, reading stats, and predictions for '23 - all in December 22's Content Aware media news highlights.

Partygate work sweeps the board at emotional BJA night
Stories exposing the lockdown behaviours of Boris Johnson and the occupants of No.10 led the nominees and awards at the 2022 British Journalism Awards last week - just some of 848 nominations for work in the public interest. Special credit to the organisers for allowing Ukrainian journalist Olga Malchevska a clear mic to talk about conditions for journalists currently covering the war there.

Experience, with a capital 'EEAT'
Google adds Experience to the existing E-A-T signals (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) that it uses to rate sites for quality in search results, new amongst many other signals worth checking out here. Experience in this case meaning that of the writer or site in the subject matter, rather than user experience - although bad site still bad.

A year in numbers and insight
Fantastic summary by Reuters Institute of their key research findings throughout 2022, looking at news habits and consumption trends around the world. Highlights include the criteria used by audiences to make snap judgements separating quality content from clickbait.

News industry predictions for 2023
Nieman Labs asks some of the commentators and experts of US and global journalism to look ahead to 2023 at what might lay ahead for news organisations and news people. Not all sugar and roses.

AI writing has Google hitting the alarm
ChatGPT, the AI writing service, on one hand has Google warning it can detect AI writing (and assumedly may decide to downgrade sites which overuse it in search results), and at the same time scrambling to bring its own AI writing services to the fore.

What Brits complained about on TV
No science here, just a look at what motivated people to make formal complaints about things on their television. Hint: Reality TV.

Google and Meta simply facing more competition
As digital ad revenues for the two slide, research shows that the biggest competition is that there now is some competition.

UK Editors pressure politicos (again)
Not for the first time this year, editors and journalists have been forced to turn to politicians to try and stave off some fundamentally ill-considered digital legislation which threatens the basic freedoms journalists rely on to do their job.

A year of pain for Big Tech platforms, in summary
Media Voices looks at a turbulent 2022 for big social platforms, and their relationship with news (and financial reality).

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