Content Aware media news: February 16, 2023

Published: 21 February 2023

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Paywall vs payfall, your new robot pals, and AI lawyers - all in February 16 Content Aware media news highlights.

Corbidge comments on... the assistant cribbing your work
Giving Bing Chat the runaround isn't proving that hard to do. After all, if you can lie to a human, you can lie to a machine - and perhaps fall for a lie just as easily. Meanwhile, as AI leaps forwards what does the future hold in store for micro-creators who have no hopes of stardom and just want to be helpful?

How to stop a paywall becoming a payfall
Afraid that adding a paywall to a site will obliterate your traffic? Badly enacted, it can. However, who better to ask how to navigate such a huge decision than SEO Kingmaker Barry Adams?

Bing the noise
Will searchbots count towards pageviews, ad clicks, and uniques? They will be harvesting your content and traffic soon so it would be nice if they dropped a little something in the tip jar on the way out.

TikTok talk heats up Congress
Many US legislators are still considering an outright ban on the video-sharing social app.

And Apple grows in anti-trust sights too
Aside from the small matter that the head of the State department currently investigating Apple has, err... previously been a lawyer who sued Apple on behalf of rival firms, it increasingly looks as if Apple's iOS and App Store policies will be forced to change come what may.

It's not just Google vs Microsoft, thankfully
There's a new posse of fast-moving AI-pumped supersearch engines in town. Oh how easy it was when we only had one or two to try and negotiate deals with.

Speaking of search engine deals...
Danish publishers tie their cart to Microsoft in a cash for content deal. Does the agreement cover content usage by AIs in the future? No word.

Google's guide to using AI content
It might end up being a quaint phase, but for now Google's opinion on whether or not your site contains AI-generated content can have significant impact on your search results. Here is the search team's latest guidance.

Goodbye metaverse, how we missed you
MS dumps the second fifth coming of VR quicker than you can say ChatGPT. This actually gives time for smaller innovators to build something good that Microsoft or Meta will probably spend billions on buying in a barely a year or two. All the unicorns are AI or VR now you know.

Give us a clue, Will!
After 30 years heading up the New York Times crossword team, chief puzzler Will Shortz is the perfect person to tell us why readers love or hate them.

From debunking to prebunking
Letting a reader know before the fact (well, "fact") that what they are about to read might be a lot of fakery is Google's next step in the war on misinformation and outright lies.

Will there be AI lawyers?
Because there will definitely be AI lawsuits.