Content Aware media news: January 12, 2023

Published: 13 January 2023

UK and US flags

The dollars and cents of reader values,  2023 trends, and the AI avalanche - all in January 12's Content Aware media news highlights.

US vs UK: The value gap
When or why is a reader in New York worth more than twice that of a reader in London? Research in this report on US/UK publishing shows some marked gaps in who is worth what to a publisher.

Reuters looks ahead
The Reuters Institute looks at predictions for journalism, media, and technology trends in 2023.

More considerations on AI
The Rebooting's Brian Morrissey considers the coming avalanche of AI-produced content, and what that could mean for the world of creators.

Clock TikTokking on news plans
Are you on TikTok already? Don't hang round if it's in your plans: here are the top news brands already on the youth-oriented social platform, with the BBC showing more than 2000% growth in a single year.

An Axios How-to
Analysis of the things fast news publisher Axios did to go from $0 to $525m in just a few years.

Going on a political diet
The messy inside story of how Facebook tried to de-politicise its recommendations to users.

"Clippy, write a letter about..."
AI writing tools might be used to transform your docs and emails before long, as Microsoft looks to turn its OpenAI investment into practical tools across its offerings.

Why don't micropayments take off?
A discussion of the pros and cons of micropayments, as publishers look for alternatives to the typical all-in or all-out access and pricing plans.

Bored of being a cheepskate?
Would your working life as a journalist change much if Twitter disappeared?

Online Safety Bill could lead to jail
Social media bosses could face jail time because of harmful content on their platforms, if amendments sought by some UK MPs are approved.