Content Aware media news: June 1, 2023

Published: 02 June 2023

Neil Thackray on Media Voices Big Noises podcast

"Content is NOT king", fantastic FIPP, and what actually makes people subscribe? All in June 1st Content Aware media news highlights.

"Content is NOT king..." Eh?!
Media Voices kicks off a right riveting podcast series of some of the best-known and most outspoken names in publishing and media, that guarantees to be buzzword-free, occasionally bleepable, and a little confrontational: real world publishing insight from real people deep inside the business. It kicks off with a bang, interviewing many-time publishing CEO and owner Neil Thackray on the state of publishing today - and why we keep making some of the same old mistakes.

Hear the HELLO! story at FIPP
No Corbidge Comments this week as we are on the way to FIPP Congress 2023 in Portugal - do come and say hello. Among a jam-packed agenda of talks and presentations, we will be eager to hear the unfolding success story of HELLO! following its digital overhaul earlier this year. The brand's CTO Andy Macharg will be presenting on the incredible journey taken throughout its digital transformation, adding to the impressive roster of publishing heavyweights talking at the event. If you can't make it, you can tune in online or see recordings.

What gets them to actually subscribe?
What is the secret to getting audiences and readers to sign up and actually start paying? With so much conflicting information, it would be great if someone did a deep academic study on what appeals to readers. Hold on - they have! Media researcher extraordinaire Bartosz Wilczek and colleagues have created a report on what works: PDF download.

And have we reached 'peak paywall' anyway?
Press Gazette's Charlotte Tobitt has a look at the opposing viewpoints to the idea that paywalls are either the way we all should go, or something we should all move past, or... well, it depends doesn't it.

AI guardrails rare in newsrooms
Newsrooms are using AI at a rapidly increasing rate - but only a fraction of them have any sort of official policy in place for how it is used. Maybe this question will help promote discussions in your org to address a policy gap: who will volunteer to go to court to stand behind the AI written article that libels a celeb, breaches an order, or identifies a victim?

Best of the best in your inbox 
The shortlist of the 2023 Publisher Newsletter Awards is revealed, showcasing a wide array of eclectic and excellent newsletters from giant brands and one-editor bands, and everything in between.

Digital fitness for publishers
Digital publishing guru Alan Hunter will also be at FIPP next week, and has unveiled a neat Digital Healthchecker for publishers to self-assess how they shape up against others in the sector. Alan says, "It provides publishers with an independent, market-tested assessment of how their organisation compares with both competitors and industry best practices in terms of digital transformation". Give it a go at:

SEO: how do they do it?
Speaking of competitive analysis between your business and rivals - SEO wizz Shelby Blackley runs you through that very exercise here: doing competitive SEO analysis will give you insight into how you might be missing a trick compared to rivals in your space, particularly if they are leaving you in the dust. Great insight. Ruthless unrelated plug here of course: a good CMS helps you to nail SEO. Hint hint!

AI ads set to take over?
It's bad enough imagining a web filled with AI generated content, but AI ads too? We don't think it will be long before the ad industry is creating complex personalised ads on the fly for whatever it is your readers are looking at. The upside would be that your ad rate can surely be much higher.