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The powerful intuitive headless CMS for busy content and editorial teams, bursting with features and sector insight. MACH architecture gives you business freedom.
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Enterprise power at start-up speed. Glide Go is a pre-configured deployment of Glide CMS with hosting and front-end problems solved.
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Audience authentication, entitlements, and preference management in one system designed for publishers and content businesses.
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News from inside our world, about Glide Publishing Platform, our customers, and other cool things.
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Insight and comment about the things which make content and publishing better - or sometimes worse.
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Learn more about the unrivalled customer support from the team at Glide.
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Content Aware media news: June 6, 2024

Gluey pizza no more, Google leak webinar, TikTok stats - all in this week's Content Aware.

Published: 18:21, 06 June 2024
An image showing different stats and insights

Glue-based pizza no more
Google isn't revealing stats linked to its new AI Overviews (previously Search Generative Experience, SGE), but others have eked out some insight into when and where it is appearing. The surprise is that they are appearing most often alongside healthcare searches.
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Links: important or not?
The Google documentation dump continues to fascinate and beguile SEO researchers scouring the 40,000+ data points listed as being - possibly - of relevance to a search result. Here's some early feedback on one of the true do-they-don't-they questions: do links matter?
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Webinar: Google leak explained
SEO detective Mike King, the man who broke the Google leak on his site iPullRank, will join fellow search guru John Shehata in a free snap webinar next Wednesday 11th June to deep dive the leak and what it reveals. Places are limited.
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Facebook gatekeeping
Facebook doesn't like being painted as a gatekeeper or gateway to content. It should probably stop marking local news as spam then.
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AI deals: yay, nay, or go away
An overview of the risks and rewards of shaking hands with the AI companies, versus sending the lawyer's letters.
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Eye believe the truth
Broadcasters are as circumspect as publishers about the approach of AI, but for different reasons: their immediate focus is not revenue, but rather to prevent the hijacking of their footage and images for fake news. That's the incentive behind UK production giant ITN partnering with verification specialists OpenOrigins, which use blockchain tech to help validate what's real and what's not. Expect much more of this.
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20 and counting
Plug time: when we launched Glide AI Assistant (GAIA) last year, the underlying principle was that whatever AI features made it into the platform, it had to be safe, usable, and flexible. This meant ensuring users had access to more than one or two LLMs: it launched with 7. The available total reached 20 language models this week, alongside two image models. Not all LLMs are equal, so the wider the choice, the easier you can find the one that suits - and avoid the ones you don't want.
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The podcast conference, with speakers, insights, and awards.
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TikTok stats and insight
The proposed TikTok ban has flushed out some interesting stats about US public perception of the social video platform - much of which is relevant to any publisher considering what their TikTok or short-form video strategy should be.
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