Content Aware media news: March 16, 2023

Published: 16 March 2023

Fight between tech giants and Ottawa over paying for news could have global impacts

Crawl budgets, Mr Beast's content tips, "Clippy crossed with Thanos" - all in March 16 Content Aware media news highlights.

The SEO budget that matters
Do you know what your crawl budget is? No, not the accumulation of bar tabs at the end of the annual Works Night Out. It's how much time and effort search engines will put into crawling your site before giving up. When you optimise for SEO, crawl budget is arguably the main thing you are actually optimising for. Learn more here in Barry Adams's Crawl 101.

Got Office? Got AI
Hot off the presses this hour are Microsoft's plans for the integration of AI into your Office 365 tools via 'Copilot' - a suite of productivity tools to boost output (or, for the pessimists, Clippy crossed with Thanos). If you use any of MS's things, have a look at what will be in your reach soon.

Mr Beast's content tips
YouTube titan Mr Beast tells how really crafting good content is the easiest route to super success in the content business. If GPP Content Titan Robert Corbidge was being interviewed, he would no doubt say it's a metaphor for the benefits of a CMS that helps you produce higher quality things - however we don't do such blatant product plugs, and he is away. .

Why Canada is becoming a global battleground
The social platforms facing regulators in Canada fear the country's cash-4-content model will be echoed around the world.

New Google Core update
Just in time to coincide with the latest ChatGPT-4 update. Just a coincidence, surely. As with all Google Core updates, keep your eyes on traffic numbers and pattern changes.

What makes subs more appealing: cost
Perhaps not a great surprise, but where subscriptions for news are less popular (i.e. US and UK), the best way to boost numbers might be as simple as cutting prices. Quite eyebrow raising is how many claim they believe no website content is worth paying for.

Discordant views
How Bellingcat is using gaming-chat-tool-turned-social-platform Discord to bring readers and contributors into stories.

The ages pay differently
The biggest change indicator in habits between readers? Age. Nothing like a generational gap to see differences in habits. And the difference also extends to how and what they will pay for in their news and media consumption.

People everywhere
A lengthy and interesting eight-part series from Digiday about the fragmentation of social media communities and where people go for information.

Have you forgotten UA sunsets?
No news here, just a reminder that in little more than 100 days the current Google Analytics 3 aka Universal Analytics stops taking new info prior to its sunsetting. You should be deep into prep for it already.

Newspapers on Kindle: adieu
The e-reader will no longer be home to newspapers and magazines as of this week. If you have an ongoing sub, read here for what happens next.