Content Aware media news: March 9, 2023

Published: 10 March 2023

OpenAI dataset ownership could become a contentious point for content businesses

Publishers ask OpenAI where the money is, press freedom erosion, and Twitter arguments - all in March 9 Content Aware media news highlights.

OpenAI tries the old "OpenIP?" ploy
Publishers are taking a dim view of the 'free use' defence being used by AI juggernauts to justify large-scale scraping of content from sites and outlets to train their digital know-it-alls. If they become worth billions - some are already - then more creators will be asking where their share is.

Substack's value problem
A look into the rapid growth of Substack and its eye-popping mooted valuations. If it stops trying to raise money, does that make its future much clearer?

One bath, lots of bathwater
If the TikTok Banning Bill passes, who else is on the chopping block? Some big names.

New protections needed
The changing shape of attacks on media by entrenched interests has many believing that new stronger rules are needed to protect the position of reporters and publishers.

Erosion is slow and takes time to see
An interesting discussion about the withering of press freedom and reporters' rights, by some who have watched it happen around them.

Media leaders meet lawmakers
A timely visit by senior news and media figures to outline to lawmakers the vital role publishers have in defending the truth from bad actors.

Do you have a public AI policy?
We can foresee companies having to make clear their AI tools policy in the same way they do for cookies and data. Don't worry legal beagles and site admins: you can probably get an AI to write the documents.

"We also recommend..."
A European media group compared human-curated "more like this" recommendations alongside AI-generated recommendations. Which set do you think showed significantly more interaction from readers?

The list lengthens
You may have chosen to avoid the ChatGPT/OpenAI/Bard hypetrain, but countless other firms are working up rival AI talk and content tools which you may already be communicating with. Just because you are avoiding AI, it doesn't mean your friends or colleagues are.

Google trends gets a makeover
The not-so-secret weapon in a writer's armoury gets an update and refresh to improve its use.

"I hear they tried to interview some molluscs but they just clammed up."
Nothing like a sarcastic journalist with time on his hands and access to an image generator to liven up a Twitter spat. It's Twitter of course, so don't be surprised if you need a sit down afterwards.

A festival of/for experts
Speakers and talks at the PPA Festival focus on the themes of Audience, Content, Product, and Together: have you got your ticket booked for event next month?