Content Aware media news: May 04, 2023

Published: 05 May 2023

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Roma romance, "publishing's experts", the truth about SEO headlines - all in May 4th's Star Wars-free Content Aware media news highlights.

Good Roma-nce
A bit of news about us to kick off this week's Content Aware. Obviously we can't take credit for on-pitch performances, but they did win a league title the very weekend the new site went live... just saying. Bravo to those who spotted the hint in last week's newsletter.

Bonfire of the vanities
Very interesting interview of figures linked to some of the more notable booms and busts of media companies of recent years. The late-interview questioning seems to imply we are all supposed to continue to believe they are the publishing experts; that was possibly the problem the first time around.

Facebook referrals plummet
We can't say we know many publishers who ever enjoyed allying themselves closely with Facebook, but they at least felt they had good reason for it. However, when the whale turns course, how fast can you unhook yourself?

The truth about headlines
Heard a hundred different versions of how to rank headlines for importance for SEO? Here is the definitive statement on the matter.

Robots vs robots
Ugh. A sea of all-AI sites filled with auto-generated content, bracketed by automated advertising, for the benefit of search engine spiders and probably no-one else. Sites like these will become more common, but will be why good content continues to have value.

TikTik's 50% ad split for publishers
We're not cynics at GPP, so haven't leapt to the conclusion that a juicy revenue share is a good way to get media companies to say nice things about TikTok just as it's facing possible US and international bans. Money from a social platform? Let's not over-inspect that gift horse.

Speaking of revenue from big tech...
Credit where it's due. We knock Google a lot, but they have rolled out Reader Revenue Manager for small publishers to help simplify turning readers into paying customers. If you are looking for an easy toe in the water on testing subscriptions, this could be it. 5% to Google, and they don't get your customer data.

Academics and the news
Why do the learned find journalism so fascinating and a never-ending source of research?

Podcast perfection
The best in audio publishing celebrated. Meanwhile, nominations close tomorrow for the best in Newsletters.

YouTube Podcasts
Got podcasts? YouTube Music is now a viable channel. to distribute them.