Content Aware media news: May 25, 2023

Published: 25 May 2023

Newsletter Vogue Braille edition

Byline banditry, Vogue in Braille, and SEO secrets  - all in May 25th Content Aware media news highlights.

Corbidge comments on - the power of a byline
Bylines and author pages serve a lot more purpose than just to keep writers happy. Search services repeatedly weigh in with the importance to site authority they contribute, while they give readers a quick way to read a lot more about a lot more.

How "cash-for-content" conversations are snowballing
Australia might have opened a floodgate of deals with big tech worldwide, with publishers and governments from Brazil to Switzerland to South Africa and farther afield turning their attention to formalising agreements between search and social sites and content owners.

Leaders look to AI threat
Newspaper bosses are thinking the same thoughts when it comes to watching a plethora of new AI services get fat on the things publishers have created.

SEO even more turbulent
SEO firms similarly wonder how to leverage AI while at the same time wondering if it will be the end of them.

Vogue produces Braille issue
A fantastic initiative in cooperation with the RNIB highlighting inequalities in the world of fashion, and bringing touch and audio issues to audiences for the next year.

GA4 - what's it all about?
A good look at the move to GA4 and what it could mean for users, from the perspective not of SEO or content, but from our data guru friends at BeData. After all - it's the data you want, right.

A look at Adobe's AI wizardry
Photoshop has for years had features that frankly can leave you scratching your head at their power and 'AI-like' trickery. Well, now it's fully onboard the AI train, with Firefly. Have a peek at it here. Amazing.

Google reveals all some
If you knew, you knew... but for most of the web it was never quite clear how news content and sites were ranked and rated. Now there's a bit more official insight into something that was the preserve of SEO regency.

Turns out it's not the platform - it's the people!
Bluesky was the hot alternative to the Twittersphere for droves of people turning their back on the blue bird. How is it faring?

Bad news, good news, and "Awww..."
The power of a good news story, or even better - a "someone being nice" story - can be far more significant than just avoiding the bad new rainclouds for a while. You can inspire your readers.