Content Aware media news: November 10, 2022

Published: 11 November 2022

Have we run out of questions?

The power of questions, content in moderation, and an Internet Bill of Rights - all in this week's Content Aware media must-reads.

Corbidge comments... on the question you need to answer
Valuable content most often springs from its ability to answer specific questions, says Rob. And the better you know your subject matter, the more likely you are to defend yourself against the all-answering behemoth that is Google*.
*Other search engines are available!

Sites for sore ears
Want to hear more from our man Corbidge? Looking to give your content an audio boost? Keep your ears peeled for major news from us soon to help you turn readers into listeners.

"Influencers are not journalists"
Amongst many things of interest, FIPP boss James Hewes tackles in this excellent podcast the question of where real and quality journalism sits amid a wider misapprehension that all media is created the same. It's not.

'Legal but harmful' can of worms stays sealed for now
Great piece by Spectator editor Fraser Nelson on the damage that could be done by trying to over-police the content of the internet.

The story of Facebook's oversight board
The Twitter deal has brought content moderation back into the spotlight. After two years of content moderation for the biggest publisher in history, what did rival Facebook learn?

But can you even moderate something reliant on algorithms?
TikTok shows that it's harder than it sounds to moderate content.

How about a Bill of Internet Rights?
If you worry that Zuckerberg or Musk hold rather too much sway over your ability to see things online, the answer might look something like one of the ideas for the next stage of the internet.

And an AI Bill of Rights too...
The Whitehouse unveils proposals for citizen protection from AI and outcomes driven by algorithms. More than a hint of some elements of GDPR in there.

"Backlinks could drop in importance"
Google SEO guru John Mueller dropped an interesting snippet in a discussion on the future of search and page results.

Not all journalists are cynical
Pfft, a likely story!

AI images? So yesterday
More on the text-to-video wave following hot on the heels of text-to-images - which still seems new. This is Meta's take on it.

Tabloids heading for online resurgence?
Tabloids ruled the revenue roosts in print news. Their fast-pace and prickly style could be perfect for a new rise in online news publishing too.

Elon vs the Press
A consideration of the state of play between Twitter's new owner and the publishing industry.

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