Content Aware media news: November 9, 2023

Published: 10 November 2023

Canada vs Meta - who wins? Not the readers...

Meta vs media, do readers know the price of content, and the ultimate Google Discover guide - all in this week's Content Aware.

Moose vs Meta
Canada decided to play hardball with Facebook; Facebook showed the wider world how it might play in their territories and kicked the ball into the lake where it is currently sinking. Media is caught in the middle and the people that lose out is anyone trying to keep up with events.

Best Ray specs for Google Discover
No punny headline beats the actual title of the article for effectiveness. How to Drive Traffic in Google Discover: The Ultimate Guide, by Lily Ray, possibly the world's leading expert on Google Discover who isn't an employee at the company. She lays out in-depth how to make the at-times impenetrable search results service work for you.

Corbidge comments on... revealing the cost of content to readers
Audiences are picky when it comes to paying for subscriptions. Is one way to show them the value of what they're getting to explain to them how much it actually costs to make? Our priceless penman investigates what the price of news can be.

Truck vs chicken
Dominic Young looks at what's behind Google assurances to users of its AI that it will pay any copyright infringement claims successfully made against them for using the tech - and how it could backfire spectacularly. Google's view? Why worry about the law today if we can get the lawmakers on our side tomorrow.

Reminder: Twitter is not a place
The more journalists refer traffic to X/Twitter, the more it becomes a place their audiences will turn to instead of the journalists themselves. Mx3 member Charles Benaiah on the dilemma it presents to publishers, and what realistic alternatives are out there. The question is, if you turn your back on one lie-filled 'town square' will the next one simply end up being the same?

Do user arguments comments help your site? Well, it depends...

The world's most outspoken SEO expert delves into the options and consequences of highlighting or allowing user-generated content and comments on your sites. Contains image-based swearing...

Write to speculate
The return of a controversial business model for a new business journalism play: write about the stocks that might be about to weaken, and short-sell the stocks to generate revenue for the content play. When is a reporter moving the markets versus just writing about them?

SEO heats up again
Another Google core update, another roller coaster week. "Volatile", "heated", "turbulent" - just the regular week in the life of an SEO expert. As always, check your analytics for signs of being caught up in something bigger.

It's OK - the robots can't really think yet
Whatever the marvellous capabilities of AI, they still can't generate truly new ideas or viewpoints. We like that.

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