Content Aware media news: October 12, 2023

Published: 13 October 2023

Glide Publishing Platform Gen AI launch

Glide gives you AI, Google gives you misleading advice, and stamping out fake news - all in this week's Content Aware.

Glide brings AI tools to users
We've a lot to say about AI generally, and now lots to say about AI within GPP. We're pleased to announce the commencement of the roll-out of multi-LLM text and image generation tools within Glide, which give publishers safe to use closed-world systems which don't send their data to either ChatGPT or OpenAI, bĂȘtes noires as far as the industry is currently concerned.

When is a bot not blocked?
When it's a Google AI bot. Despite Google telling you how to prevent its AI scanning your site, it turns out it will ignore your robots.txt and scan it anyway - unless you fully block Google Search too. Blackmail? Sounds like a thing for lawmakers to look at.

Real content, unadulterated
Discover more of the global and industry initiative to stamp out fake news and expose altered content and images. As trust dissipates, this helps it to recover.

Social bumps, we jump
X/Twitter changed its policy on showing headlines on news posts, removing them. Our Chief Tweeter looks at the unintended consequences of what seems to be utterly nonsensical.

How to handle the fallout
So how have publishers reacted to X's no-headline policy? Here's some of the techniques being used to keep readers informed, as well as Slate's experience.

How LLMs and gen AIs actually work, or don't
Arm yourself with insight as to why these new tools act the way they do, and where we might start to rethink what they should or should not be used for.

You can't copyright that - yet
Questions over the copyrightability of AI creations are still being tested and decided in courts far flung and local. Here is a delve into generated art, via judgements that considered the artistic merits of sofas and stormtrooper helmets.

The green shoots of subscriptions
It might not be perfect where you are, but worldwide the proportion of those paying for news has risen over the last year - in places as much as 17%.

The big dog speaks on AI
Have you got a formal policy on the use of generative AI? It may not be required in law yet, but it's probably fair to assume it will be. Here is the BBC's position on the new technology.

Deal or no deal?
How long do subscribers who first signed up on a special deal hang around for? One subscriptions leader delved into the data.

Some say newsrooms have had their day
Has the impact of remote working harmed the ability of journalists to get the advice and guidance they need, and simply to feel closer to their titles?

The SEO show for publishers
If you missed the fabbo News and Editorial SEO Summit today and yesterday, it is still worth seeking out the recordings of the sessions, which covered things as diverse as how The Times has used SEO to reshape its newsroom, strategies for getting your site crawled quicker, SEO technical advice for a site today, and much more.