Content Aware media news: October 19, 2023

Published: 20 October 2023

Glide Artificial Intelligence Assistant GAIA

Glide's AI assistant, Google traffic swings, and bike-borne broadcasters - all in this week's Content Aware.

GAIA - Glide's AI assistant for publishers
Time for us to reveal GAIA, GPP's AI assistant that gives writers and creators content-obsessed helping hands which sweat the boring stuff so they can shine. Better articles, better SEO, better engagement and more - all things publishers and content teams want more of. Read the announcement here.

Come and see GAIA
Want to see GAIA in action? Come to the AWS Business Transformed with AI & Data event in London on October 31st and we will be demonstrating it and our GenAI image tools for journalists and content teams. We'll join other experts on generative AI, predictive ML, and data analytics, as well as customer insight and best practice advice on AWS Cloud and innovation. Will there be GPP merch? You'll have to be there to find out...

Have your traffic stats gone wild?
You're not the only one if so: the most recent Google algorithm changes are being held responsible for some quite major dips and falls in reported users reaching sites. Do check your data and see if there's patterns you can trace.

Germany makes Google play nice-ish with publishers
It wanted more than €400m, but a German publisher rights organisation has eked €3.2m out of Google for usage of German publishers' content. It's a holding figure and may yet rise.

Thrills, spills, and GoPro stills
When man-with-cam bests gigantic broadcasters for keeping fans engaged with their passion, it shows that bigger is not always better at solving gaps in content offerings. Our man Rob gets on his bike to investigate the phenomenon of micro broadcasters.

Sounds a bit creepy
Yes, Mark Zuckerberg wants to peek inside your brain - and your ear. Read about Meta's latest unusual patent application. Will we soon be creating content for direct injection into people's ears? Music to their, err... ears.

NYT grasps the nettle of no publicity
Wonder why you've heard so little about the titanic Google anti-trust trial which some say could upend the nature of the internet as we know it today? It's because Google has managed to get most of it to be held in camera. Luckily for us all, the New York Times is attempting to have those restrictions stripped away.

The Ultimate Guide to Schema Markup
Schema markup is structured data vital to your goal of telling search engines exactly what your content means, and getting it right first time gives your site a better shot at ranking where you want it to. Here is a guide to doing it better.

Another month, another WP issue
A WordPress plugin with more than 200,000 installations also comes with a bit of a security flaw: it can let attackers take control of your site. Have a look to see if you've used it.

Digital first pays dividends
What inspired the thinking and execution of the changes which have seen The Telegraph break through the 1m subscribers mark? Learn about it here.