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Content Aware media news: September 22, 2022

Glide gets all educational, trust in news, and AI copyright  - all in this week's Content Aware media news highlights.

Published: 10:37, 23 September 2022
Times Sunday Times Glide Publishing Platform logos 2022

The Times & The Sunday Times choose Glide to power education brands
Glide Publishing Platform is proud to announce it has been chosen by The Times and The Sunday Times as the digital Content Management System technology partner for its world-leading education brands the Good University Guide, and Parent Power.

In news we trust (but less than we used to)
A comprehensive look by the Reuters Institute at audience attitudes to news on various platforms, looking at why, for example, news on Twitter is trusted so little. It spans the ages and nations and there's some interesting differences between subsets and demographics.

Repairing that trust
The American Press Institute has a timely segment on repairing said trust between readers and news organisations, based on  recent survey results which show it has been damaged in recent years.

The beady AI of the law
An overview of some legal wisdom regarding AI image generation tools, particularly on how it relates to matters of IP or copyright - worth being up to speed on if you plan on using AI-generated imagery for illustrating articles. A precedent.

404 uses for a bad URL
An innovative use of your site's 404 page for incorrect URLS - use them to highlight missing persons in the user's area.

Subtitles for the eye not the ear
As subtitle usage soars, it's not hearing loss or language differences that's driving it - but rather the clarity they can give events on dark screens, or an attempt to reduce aggravation for those watching video in public. (We also blame too much whispering and overpowering music, but maybe that's just us.)

Press freedom back under the microscope
A timely reminder from the News Media Association's legal chief that the under-discussion Online Safety Bill should remember its role in protecting press freedom before it brings the shutters down online.

24 carrot nonsense
Every journalist will have the dubious pleasure at some stage in their careers of writing stories that simply make you ask "How did this piece ever need to get written in the first place?". Yes, we did get to a place where you need to watch out for accidental carrots.

Where emojis started
When not being used nefariously to try and hide meanings, emojis are handy little things to convey intent and meaning in a few colourful pixels. This week is the 40th anniversary of the :-) smiley face - so here's some background to some other famous emojis.

And the winners are...
See who scooped the gongs in one of the first awards events of the season where publishers and journos take a moment to see what rivals are doing and the judges celebrate great achievements. Blink and you missed us!

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