Glide Publishing Platform and AWS

Published: 27 January 2021

Glide Publishing Platform was designed from the ground up to fully utilise Amazon Web Services. AWS native means the Glide team is able to use AWS’s speed of innovation to pass on those benefits to our customers and provide a level of agility rarely found in the enterprise space. 

As well as being early adopters of AWS, Glide’s team of engineers maintains a large number of AWS certifications, including Amazon’s highest level of certification - the Certified Solutions Architect Professional - ensuring that our platform is engineered in line with the best AWS practices as well as best publishing practices.

An extensive range of AWS services makes up GPP, including: 

  • Aurora, Dynamo, Neptune and Elasticsearch for data management
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for file-based cloud storage
  • ECS for easy and optimal container management
  • Lambda for scalable parallel workflows and cost optimisation
  • Amazon Rekognition for image recognition
  • Amazon SQS and SNS for messaging
  • Amazon EC2 for resizable compute capacity