Old tech killing your ideas? Innovation slowed by CMS stodge? Where did the fun go?! Try Glide to make new things fast, and get them launched quickly.
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Glide Publishing Platform for Product Teams

Glide promotes the creation, test, and launch of new things at speed, giving product teams unrivalled power to experiment without the restrictions of traditional publishing back-end systems. 

It means you can quickly bring proofs-of-concept to life, unconcerned about what the impact will be on a creaking back-end or ageing CMS - technical contingencies which so often derail future plans. 

GPP has the perfect blend of speed and strength to let successful MVPs transfer to production without migrations or rebuilds on other tech, saving time and budget and removing uncertainty.

  • Slash the time and cost of testing ideas, and identify viable candidates quickly
  • Scale MVPs to full production in situ, A/B test in real-world scenarios
  • Build with focus on the new product - no need to think of back-end work
  • Use real content and integrations during testing to measure results better
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Build ideas

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Build. Test. Launch. Fast!
New products, new launches, new channels - all key to growing your audiences and reach. We’ve seen last-gen CMS skewer ideas before they get off the ground: it’s hard to innovate if it can take years to productionise a test project on a clunky legacy system. It doesn’t have to be this way and GPP removes these roadblocks.
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Validate the idea and the plan
When your platform is conceived and created to allow new ideas and integrations to be easily built on top, you can focus on what you want without stressing over back-end systems and downstream tech. Use real-world content and data to assess real-world results without risk, safe in the knowledge Glide handles full production workloads too.
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Start-up agility, enterprise power
Glide is a product team’s dream scenario of a speedy toolset - with test environments as standard! - that has all the power and reach of a full production system. Which means your POC and MVP test results are repeatable in the real world, you can get content and commercial teams to buy-in earlier, and cost and risk is much reduced. 


The system for every publisher team

Glide finally gives the different teams in publishing and content businesses equal power to do more with less. SaaS power and agility means that, unlike old-style CMS, every user wins. Editors, developers, product teams and marketeers rejoice!

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A CMS-busting cloud platform for editors and creators to do more. Cuts tasks and duplication and gives fingertip control over where content goes and how it looks. Less production, more creation.

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Forget endless CMS rebuilds, bespoking, and maintenance. Put your energy and budget where it brings returns. Free up personnel and let the service handle your headaches.

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Content needs the best tools to get the best results - so use the same tools as major publishers to own your audience data and voice. Stop speaking to the void, start owning the conversation.