Glide for Editorial Teams

Create more content, get better control of how it looks and where it goes, and try new revenue and subscription strategies quickly - what's not to love? Glide is all about bringing power to content and people.

Glide gives content teams incredible control of sites and channels to craft content and appearance without needing major tech input or releases. Efficient workflows and tools make your life easier and let you get on with making things people love.

  • A platform designed in collaboration with editors and writers
  • Make Breaking News site changes and teardowns without technical input
  • Slash time-to-site for new content and new sections so you can do more
  • Production tasks safely separated from content creation, tight workflows and permissions control
  • Granular control of premium content helps target users better and tailor to your most loyal
"At last, the right tool for the job!"

Create more. React faster. Improve quality.

So you can be as quick as the news cycle, GPP comes with tools, automations, and workflows for editorial teams to free up time to make more. The platform can liberate hours a day of tasks which old-style CMS need you to do.

Create more, react faster, improve quality
  • Not a generic CMS: GPP is a true workspace for publishing people
  • Publish faster and make new sections and templates without needing dev input
  • Manage teams and permissions granularly; minimal training needed
  • Easy to add new partners, data sources, or platforms to publish to
  • Migrate content efficiently and reliably, repurpose it more easily

Start benefiting from Glide Publishing Power

A true publishing toolset - built for you

Writers and editors love Glide … after all, you helped us create it! We know generic CMS expect you to find workarounds and tricks to get more done, or have a team of CMS developers on standby to make any changes you need. We think a proper publishing platform gives you a best-practice set of tools suited to publishing from day one. So that's what we created, and continually drive forward to give you more.

Trying new things just got much easier

GPP is all about cutting unnecessary work from content creation, so you get time back to make better stuff and try new things. So with GPP there's less repetition, better automation, smoother workflows, and key production steps are removed from your plate. Glide will liberate time from your team and actually help improve the quality of output too.

Publish quicker with greater control

With Glide you can focus on what your audience wants: the unique voice and insight which draws them to you. Make more of the things they love, and try new subscription or publishing strategies without being bogged down by system limits. Glide can liberate hours per day for each editorial user - time you can use to do more and better things. And new tech integrations? Easier than ever!

Editorial and content teams can do more

Glide is created for publishing and content-led businesses to do much more with less. Our mission is to cut costs and give you speed and space to adapt to the changing needs of audiences quicker and with less hassle.

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Forget endless CMS rebuilds, bespoking, and maintenance, and invest your energy and budget where it brings returns. Free up personnel and the let the service handle your headaches.

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Supercharge new product development safe in the knowledge MVPs can move to full production without issue. Glide scales from boutique to enterprise, and dev is much easier.

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Content is expensive, so use the same tools as major publishers to make it do more and really own your audience data and voice. GPP gives you better outcomes and gets you better ROI.