Glide for Marketing Teams

Bring down acquisition costs and get better control of audience engagement and relationships, using the same tools enterprise publishers use to succeed. GPP targets improved results and better return on your investment in content.

"Think like a publisher!" is a mantra heard often in marketing. But thinking like a publisher is one thing, and having the CMS development resources of a publisher is something else. GPP brings into reach the tools and expertise that drive enterprise publishers.

  • Lower customer and lead acquisition costs by making content do much more
  • Power all your sites, apps, newsletters and more from a single source
  • Launch new audience initiatives at speed, and measure results quickly
  • Integrate partner platforms and data tools without the need for back-end development work
  • Get freedom to make sites and channels do exactly what you need
"Finally I can get my message out there!"

Create > publish > acquire. Get customers easier.

Good content is the lifeblood to your campaigns and initiatives. With Glide you gain control of where it goes and how it appears, and on vital data and feedback: it's your content, your data, your customer, and you who stays in control.

Create, publish, acquire - get customers easier

  • Avoid the whole CMS question but get all the power of tailored systems
  • Ready to use, fully scalable to suit the smallest or largest campaigns
  • Bring in agency & data analysis tools easily with little or no dev
  • Publishing best practice content control tools and automated SEO
  • Control sites, apps, newsletters, editions, voice and more all from one place!

Publishing Power - Marketing

'Big Publisher' influence is now in reach

GPP is slashing costs for publishers big and small by offering a SaaS which saves a fortune in tech costs and time, and helps increase output and results for editorial teams. In doing so, it's brought the sort of expertise and toolsets which historically only the giant publishers could afford into reach of a new wave of content-led businesses giving audiences what they want. Time to recalibrate what you can achieve.

A full end-to-end platform, not just a writing tool

Glide can manage every step of a content play including the front-end, hosting, media & assets, and even content permissions and registration: if you want a publisher-level system that has everything covered, Glide is it. If you have your own dev or front-end teams, Glide is designed to be built upon easily and give you the complete flexibility you need without worrying about what's going on underneath. Glide has you covered!

Take control of the conversation

Being there for your customers and audience is about knowing what they want, and being able to respond rapidly. Managing comms means managing content and Glide gives you better control of the conversation. Vitally, it means you can get crucial insight into what users respond to by using the data tools you want. It's a perfect scenario.

Market better and gain control with Glide

Glide is created for publishing and content-led businesses to do much more with less. Our mission is to cut costs and give you speed and space to adapt to the changing needs of audiences quicker and with less hassle.

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Lightning fast turnaround and making content go much further gives you time to make more. GPP gives you the impact of a bigger team, and makes your people happier as it's built for them.

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Forget endless CMS rebuilds, bespoking, and maintenance, and invest your energy and budget where it brings returns. Free up personnel and the let the service handle your headaches.

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Supercharge new product development safe in the knowledge MVPs can move to full production without issue. Glide scales from boutique to enterprise, and dev is much easier.