Glide for Product Teams

Glide is the super agile platform product teams are using to build new things fast. GPP removes tech dependencies and blockers so you can build and test quicker with your designers and developers, with a clear route to live status.

Glide is created to help develop and launch new things at speed. It has the quick-build and prototyping agility product teams need, combined with the the power and capability of a full production platform so you can take MVPs to live status without migrations or rebuilds on second systems. The perfect blend.

  • Slash the time and cost of testing new ideas, and identify viable candidates quickly
  • Scale MVPs to full production in situ, A/B test in real-world scenarios
  • Build new things with sole focus on the new product - no need to touch the platform
  • Use real content and integrations during test builds to measure results better
"Does Glide work with tablets?"

Small teams. Low costs. Big results.

Glide is the only production-strength system that thinks like a test lab. Unrivalled scalability and ease of use means product dev and test teams can try new things without having to create new environments, builds, or installations.

Small teams, low costs, big results
  • Spin up test sites and projects in record time
  • Reduce the need for tech team resources just to get MVPs ready
  • Assess full production workflow impact and viability while still in test phase
  • Accelerate production and content team feedback and buy-in from day one
  • Run up as many test projects as you like simultaneously

Start benefiting from Glide Publishing Power

Build fast, test fast, decide fast

New product dev is central to finding new channels, new directions, new audiences, and new revenue streams. Old or last-gen CMS make strategic agility a pipedream for product teams, skewing many business cases before they get off the ground: it's hard to be cutting edge when you know it takes months or more to rebuild a test project on a clunky production system. It doesn't have to be this way.

Validate the idea and the plan

Glide is made to build on and let you try new things at pace. By using a platform which is a boon to your ideas development, your need for technical resources becomes much lower. Focus more on the things you want to build, not on how to reshape back-end tools and processes. Use real-world content and data without risk and to assess production impact, and know Glide can handle full production workloads too.

Start-up agility, enterprise power

Glide is giving product teams the dream scenario of a lightweight build-it-fast toolset - with test environments as standard - that has all the power of a full-on production system and their integrations. So test results are more trusted and repeatable, content and commercial teams can buy-in earlier, and you've cut out a whole line of development cost and risk in the process.

Product and new business teams can do more

Glide is created for publishing and content-led businesses to do much more with less. Our mission is to cut costs and give you speed and space to adapt to the changing needs of audiences quicker and with less hassle.

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Lightning fast turnaround and making content go much further gives you time to make more. GPP gives you the impact of a bigger team, and makes your people happier as it's built for them.

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Forget endless CMS rebuilds, bespoking, and maintenance, and invest your energy and budget where it brings returns. Free up personnel and the let the service handle your headaches.

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Content is expensive, so use the same tools as major publishers to make it do more and really own your audience data and voice. GPP gives you better outcomes and gets you better ROI.