Content Aware weekly update: April 14th 2022

Published: 15 April 2022

Live blogs are becoming more popular

Live Report numbers continue to rise, journalists and IP, and Apple's privacy concern - all in GPP's Content Aware media news highlights this week.

Live and let scribe
The BBC had over a billion Live Report page views in 2021, as they become one of the fastest-growing tools available to modern journalists. Yes GPP has one of the best Live Reporting tools out of the box - but that's not why this is an interesting read

Owning the narrative
IP disputes between fast-growing and fast-acquired media sites are giving many journalists reason to reconsider who owns their work.

Slots for your diary Pt 1
Come see us at London's Excel, at the AWS Summit London where we will be displaying, and - rumours suggest - handing out merch. Our resident newshound Rob Corbidge will of course be uncovering things of note too.

Corbidge comments...
Speaking of newshounds, our captain of content takes a look at the dilemmas paywalls can present top publishers and readers - and the thorny subject of those who manage to circumvent them.

Slots for your diary Pt 2
Can't make Excel? Then tune in on April 26th and other dates to see us with our good friends at Slack and AWS and how you can Streamline your cloud operations with Slack and AWS

Competition vs Privacy
Apple CEO Tim Cook cautions that competition measures and anti-trust legislation aimed at loosening Big Tech's grip on the web - and, often improving user privacy - should not come at the cost of, err... weakening privacy for web users.

A cost squeeze ahead
36% of Americans say they would consider cancelling a monthly subscription if prices and rises continue in the broader economy

Hiding y0ur intent
People sometimes wRiTe ThInGs L!K€ tHiS to avoid auto-moderation. The game is getting more complex though.

Measure by measure
You wanna know about engagement? How about real engagement? Interesting stuff from ChartBeat.

Promoting content, or just themselves?
Substack are implementing a cross-promotional system for their writers. Will it lead users to discover more - or simply strengthen the already successful?

Natural language, machine art
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. DALL.E.2 needs a lot fewer to turn a random collection of words into coherent images.

Edging out the competition?
Yeah, yeah, we know according to the stats Chrome is king. But pretenders to the crown do exist, as you discover at every major Windows update.

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