Content Aware weekly update: April 28th, 2022

Published: 29 April 2022

Reports of a Facebook data concern

Missing Facebook data, to byline or not to byline, and hello to new friends... all in this week's Content Aware media highlights and musings.

Data lake overflow
A leaked internal document indicates Facebook doesn't know where all the data it has goes, or what it interacts with.

Imbalancing act
Are publishers and Big Tech to be forever locked together in an unhappy marriage of convenience?

Corbidge comments... on bylines
A piece of work without attribution is, in most cases, much weaker for it. Content connoisseur Corbidge considers careless carnival coverage consciously concealing creator credit.

A big hello to our new friends
We don't talk so much about ourselves in Content Aware, but hello to all our new friends and subscribers met at the massive AWS Summit in London yesterday.

Subscribed to sense
The UK’s Professional Publishers Association continues to do excellent work lobbying to ensure publishers aren't forced to jump through inordinately punishing hoops, as Government reviews how subscriptions are regulated – an area receiving much more attention with the steep rise of subscription offerings in novel spaces.

Additional revenue
Here's a relief for any publisher - Google and Bing search advertising revenues have increased! We were worried they were struggling (struggling to find places to put all their cash).

Insight into the rapid rise and fall of CNN+, a tale of when audience acquisition plans met acquisition culture roadblocks.

Very handy
Zoom is introducing gesture recognition among a series of new features and security improvements to the widely-used video conference platform. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

SEO - the bottom line
These guys have made a bot that answers SEO questions almost exactly as they have been by Google's own John Mueller.

Slapping down vexatious litigants
The EU is moving forward with legislation to protect journalists’ ability to challenge the rich and powerful. UK legislation is “in the works” too.

Twitter is just a game
Beautifully argued, and hard to refute, this is the best single thing we've ever read about Mr Musk's newly acquired vehicle.

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