Content Aware weekly update: March 17th 2022

Published: 17 March 2022

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"We are not reliant on the advertising industry."
Insight into how the FT cracked the 1m subscribers mark, its growing numbers, and soon-to-be-expanded portfolio.

Corbidge comments...
Google Analytics is due a big shakeup; GPP's Rob Corbidge has a look at what's changing and what the impact could be for those who lean on GA heavily for insight and action points.

MPs get eyes on UK's new Online Safety Bill
Read the draft (1) for full text, or the Press Release (2) for new lines added today, or (3) Joint Committee recommendations, also today.


Nadine Dorries, UK Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, says the Bill will take into account the concerns of publishers. 

The Open Rights Group's viewpoint, generally concerned about censorship and over-empowering those who have no right to be making censorial decisions.

An internet and IT lawyer's thoughts re the above, regarding unintended consequences. It's a Twitter thread, so caveat emptor re any comments etc.

TL; DR: Lots of debate forthcoming and uncertainty about real-world impact.

UK journalism job vacancies on the rise
UKPG's Aisha Majid has taken a look at the volume of vacancies in the marketplace, and delved into salaries, geography, and seniority, in this piece here.

A different slice of metric
Gauging how much you've captured the loyalty of your audience is an interesting challenge. This piece outlines how Regularity could be a powerful metric to measure it.

No content, no cry
Smaller Australian publishers say they aren't getting a fair slice of the recent Big Tech media payment deal - so are downing tools for a day.

Does Google care about keywords meta tags?

Does Google care about engagement?

That's enough Google. Ed.

SLAPP tickle could rebalance libel laws
A legal process criticised for being abused by those with the deepest pockets to stem legitimate news is under the microscope.

It's not about the money, it's about sending a message
More than $30bn of Big Tech fines since 2015 - but do they make any difference? Not much, some say, but the extra hoops that come with the fines are more impactful. Tech Monitor is asking the question.

Humanitarian icons
Creating icons is a tricky task under normal circumstances, but what about when it covers such sensitive subjects as child soldiers or natural disasters? Here's some interesting insight from specialist designers working with a UN aid agency.

Young eyes braced for tomorrow's lies
Perhaps this Seattle event is a model for teaching the young how to spot an internet porkie pie.

Smaller target, bigger base
The phishing fraternity are sharpening their spears to impale our mobile devices: stay alert for signs of trickery.

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