Content Aware weekly update: March 3rd 2022

Published: 03 March 2022

Welcome back to Content Aware, GPP's invite-only weekly update of what's new, interesting, or essential in the world of media. Feel free to pass it on, or send interesting morsels our way.

Welcome to another week of media matters with GPP's Content Aware weekly newsletter. Let's crack on...

CMA's mobile ecosystem report unpicked

Want a primer on the whopping 445-page Mobile Ecosystem Market Study interim report from the Competition and Markets Authority? Legal analyst and research experts Lex pore over it here. It's not a conclusion - the final report is due on June 14th - but gives insight into CMA thinking, which delves into such things as the cuts taken by Apple and Google for app sales, how they see and could analyse confidential information on tech and feature updates by app developers, and influencing development.

Proposed interventions include:

  • Opening up Apple and Google more 'restricted' hardware and software features to 3rd party developers
  • Availability of alternative app stores
  • Breaking the link between enforced payment systems and app stores
  • Rival browser support in app core tech
  • Transparent app reviews processes
  • Ban on using developer-submitted data and results to influence in-house versions

The full interim report is here (PDF Download) .

The eyes and ears on the ground

Press Gazette is doing a great job laying out the risks and challenges UK news organisations are facing to place people at the heart and edges of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Among the highlights are reporter diaries and a summary of all the major organisations' efforts to get news out.

Corbidge' comments...

In a similar vein to the UKPG coverage, GPP's own Head of Content Intelligence Rob Corbidge reminds us of some of the staggering challenges reporters face in times of conflict when uncovering the truth.

Digital editions/VAT clash rehash?

Remember the fight between publishers and the UK's tax authorities re the levy of sales tax on digital editions versus none for print? This judgement (PDF download) might refresh your memory. Well, the essence of the decision might be up for debate again under plans for a new Online Sales Tax - currently under consultation here. If you are in the industry, do have a peek and contribute.

Judge: Google Fonts 'breaking the law'

Another local decision in Germany grappling with potentially global matters, that might have slipped your eye. No effects that bind anyone yet, but from tiny acorns etc...

Biden's SOTU raises stronger child privacy rulings

The US President spoke powerfully of the desire to ban ads or other content being targeted at children on social platforms, among a number of other measures being considered, promising to "hold social media platforms accountable for the national experiment they’re conducting on our children for profit".

Canada echoes Australian online news deal

An outside regulator will arbitrate between tech platforms and news/publishing companies for shares of revenues created.

EBU's IPTC Wikidata workshop

Sign up for this free one-day online workshop for insight into good metadata usage, run by the European Broadcasting Union and IPTC. Explore how media orgs use Wikidata to tag, enrich and enhance their content. It includes a joint session on using Wikidata with IPTC media topics, and concludes with a roundtable discussion of the issues and business perspectives around the usage of Wikidata for media. 

Facebook's most popular removed for, err... violations

From Facebook's own Transparency Center report on its most viewed pages for Q4 2021. Some message there surely.

The most viewed page on facebook in Q4 2021 managed to pull in 10% more views than second placed page before it was removed for violating Facebook's own Community Standards

The most viewed page on facebook in Q4 2021 managed to pull in 10% more views than second placed page before it was removed for violating Facebook's own Community Standards

"Content Moderation as Administration"

A good delve into online content moderation and its challenges, due for publication soon in the Harvard Law Review.

Loyal readers, clockwork habits, and... dancing horses!

Nieman Labs gets existential in a deep and considered look at ingrained reader and buyer habits and how they are changing almost by the day.