Content Aware weekly update: May 19th, 2022

Published: 20 May 2022

Mousetrap with 'free' cheese

Price plans, data leaks, and Google games... all in this week's Content Aware media highlights and musings.

Pricing ploys vs pricing plans
Why would you advertise a subs offer you know no-one will want? Because it makes people think the other offers are much better, that's why.

Average person's data exposed "hundreds of times per day"
The Irish Council for Civil Liberties took a dig into the staggering volumes of data at the heart of real-time ad bidding, and how uncontrolled it seems to be.

Google "hides" behind fake legal requests, say critics
Allegations that deliberate carpet CC-ing of lawyer emails were intended to offer the ability to shield comms from scrutiny. If I CC this link to a lawyer, does that mean you can't read it?

Canadian News Act would break the web, says firm making most money from the web
Googlists say forcing the firm to pay for the news content it uses to generate its hard-earned ad revenue would damage the internet for everyone and probably cause societal collapse.

Corbidge comments... on media's value to Big Tech
A study commissioned by the UK's News Media Association is coming under scrutiny. Is it as even-handed as it appears?

Publisher mindsets explored #1
WAN-IFRA releases its World Press trends Outlook, quizzing 162 news execs in 58 countries for their thoughts and insight into their businesses' plans and problems.

Publisher mindsets explored #2
Publishing tech firm Echobox also quizzed members of the sector to learn what's keeping publisher company leaders awake at night and their priorities for the year ahead.

INMA hour of need
Help INMA progress its Newsroom Initiative more quickly, as it helps the industry shape the future of news gathering and reporting.

"DMU sloth will kill small publishers"
News Media Association boss Owen Meredith warns that delays to legislation empowering the UK's Digital Markets Unit will threaten the future of the country's smaller local publishers.

Guide: How an SEO expert cracked Google Discover
Putting his own advice into practice gives insight into the steps taken by one of the leading lights of SEO.

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